Polyglot Antibes: Improve your French by playing games

PolyglotClub Multilingual Mingle on the Riviera
PolyglotClub Multilingual Mingle on the Riviera
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Toutes les 2 semaines, les mercredi

Melting Pot

19 Rue Aubernon · Antibes

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In the room downstairs.

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We play various board games. The goal of the meetup is to have foreigners learning French speak, en Français bien sûr, while having fun.
Note that it's not a French lesson and some basic knowledge and vocabulary is needed to make the most of it.

If you're a fluent French speaker or a native, and feel like having fun and want to support people learning French, do feel free to come!

3 rules:
1/ RSVP STATUS: If you say 'Yes', you commit to come. If you're unsure, please don't register until you can commit. If you register and don't come, or cancel last minute, you may prevent someone else from attending.
2/ DRINKS: Get them directly from the bar (upstairs).
3/ FOOD: NO food [or drink] from outside. In other words: order from the place itself OR leave temporarily to eat. It's not a "Bring-Your-Own-Food" kind of place.