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PyData Paris - Novembre 2017 Meetup

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Sebastien F.


We invite you to the next installment of our community meetup, once more at La Défense.

We will be hosting two talks, one focused on the scikit-image project, and the other one about the Jupyter/IPython project.

Image Processing with Scikit-Image and the Scientific Python Ecosystem - Emmanuelle Gouillart

Affiliation: Joint Unit CNRS/Saint-Gobain (Paris)


Emmanuelle is a researcher in materials science, working at the intersection between industrial and academic research.

She has been a core contributor of scikit-image for several years, and her interest in image processing was triggered by her frequent use of in-situ tomographic imaging of materials, especially glass at high temperature.

In software development, besides image processing she is interested in documentation and teaching scientific Python. She has been a co-organizer of the Euroscipy conference for several years.

Jupyter and the IPython kernel, Hidden and Upcoming Features.

One of the foundations of Jupyter is a protocol that explicitly defines all the actions and results that comprise the workflow of interactive computing, across a wide range of programming languages. This abstracts and decouples the process of code execution (performed by a kernel) from code input and results rendering.

Despite the protocol being relatively simple; most kernels and frontend and libraries do not make full use of the available features; even the IPython kernel (the reference implementation) has a number of rarely known feature, and opportunities to make better use of the Jupyter protocol.

We'll scratch the surface to see what can be done with the display protocol, with magics and completions, and peek at what could be possible if we restrict ourselves to python 3.6+ and poke at async/await (beyond asyncio) and how we could make use of await in the REPL.


Matthias Bussonnier is Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley BIDS and has been a core developer of the Jupyter and IPython projects for more than 5 years.

He is one the current maintainer of IPython and the IPython kernel. Matthias is also a string advocate for Python 3.
EDF PB6 Tower
20, Place de la Défense - 92800 · Puteaux
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