50-Step Quick-Start Guide to US Real Estate Investing! What GURUS won't tell you


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IMPORTANT: You MUST enter the building by 4030 rue St-Ambroise. Once inside, you can either: 1) Walk up the stairs (2nd floor) and walk straight until Suite 226 (on the right), or 2) Take the elevator to the 2nd floor (Suite 226) See you soon!

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The 50-Step QuickStart Guide to US Real Estate Investing for Canadians!

To register: www.nowfortomorrow.club

Have you ever asked yourself... 'How can I invest in strong cash-flow, wealth building US real estate assets as a Canadian?'

If you have ever wanted to jump into US Real Estate but didn't know where to start, who to talk to, and in what order to do it... THIS WORKSHOP WAS CREATED JUST FOR YOU!

We have DESIGNED the only (to our knowledge) step-by-step guide to help Canadians launch a US Real Estate Investment Business.

Tickets available here: www.nowfortomorrow.club

Our Promise to You:

This FULL-DAY workshop is guaranteed to fast-track your success by:

1) Identifying ALL the steps you need to know to quick-start a successful US Real Estate Business;

2) Proposing the absolute IDEAL sequencing to the quickest possible completion of the 50 steps;

3) Offering launch resources and timeline;

4) Implementing accountability systems to continue momentum weeks, months, and years after the workshop!

5) Removing guesswork because life is just too damn short to waste time!

It's Time to Learn using OPM and OPE; that is, Other People's Mistakes and Other People's Experiences!

This event will save you 6-9 months of business time. How much is 6 months worth to you?

The Remote US Real Estate Investing Group has a very transparent agenda; that is, to raise awareness and offer exposure to the incredible investment opportunities the US has to offer Canadians.



You MUST bring your tickets with you the day of the event!

We are so looking forward to YOUR success!