Reiki Circle at Unity of Overland Park

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Unity Church of Overland Park

10300 Antioch Road · Overland Park, KS

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Unity Church of Overland Park, 10300 Antioch, Overland Park, KS -- on the southwest corner of 103rd and Antioch. Take 69 highway to 103rd and exit going east until you see the church.

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Join us for a community Reiki Circle at Unity Church of Overland Park. Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

This Reiki Circle is open to everyone, whether you are familiar with Reiki, are energy friendly or are interested in exploring healing options.

Each person will receive a Reiki treatment of about 10 minutes from several people at once, which increases the potency of the treatment. You may come and go at any time during the circle. Our purpose is to heal ourselves and others, network with other Reiki people, spread Reiki, and have fun! Children are welcome.

Where: Unity Church of Overland Park, 10300 Antioch, Overland Park, KS 66212

When: 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 7 to 9pm

Cost: Suggested Love offering - $10 per adult

Child care: Available by calling the church 24 hours in advance at[masked]

Questions? Contact Karen Harrison at [masked] or[masked].

Directions: The church is on the southwest corner of 103rd and Antioch. Take 69 highway to 103rd and exit going east until you see the church.

Email: [masked] to be added to the reminder list and to receive the guest speaker announcement.

Is this Meetup happening? Yes! All scheduled Reiki Circles take place. I started this group in 2000 and it has been taking place the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month since then, except when the church is closed and therefore, I don't schedule a meetup on that date. We normally have 15 to 25 people in attendance each time.


Join us on Monday evening, August 22 when Sandy Jorgensen will be sharing with us about Palmistry.

Palmistry is an ancient art that studies the different shapes of hands and nails, the curves of lines on the palm and the finger prints, as well as the texture of the skin so we can have a better understanding of ourselves. Knowledge into this field helps us to better understand the nonverbal language we project to the world.

Sandy Jorgensen always wanted to be a psychiatrist or FBI agent but decided it would be safer to study hand writing and palmistry. She has been working in the Kansas City community offering Palmistry readings at local fairs and privately for the past 10 years. Previous to this, she was a full time mother, artist and calligrapher and was featured in several national magazines. Her creative nature is mainly due to her "air shaped hand" and "long downward curving head line". Sandy says that we all have different types of hands... air, earth, fire or water, and the air hands have many interests. The lines on the palms show how our mind works. Since Sandy's head line is curving down, that indicates a creative mind. Sandy suggests that you "come to the presentation and learn which element your hand leans towards." This presentation will leave you feeling confident in your dreams.

Sandy says that although many people think that Palmistry is psychic work, it actually is not. She does find for herself, however, that through the act of touch (holding the client's hand during the reading) and being in the energy of the person being read, additional information can sometimes come through to her during a session.

Contact information:
Sandy Jorgensen, Hand Analyst and Spiritual Coach[masked]
Facebook: Mystic Afternoons