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Crypto Night #1

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1 bis Cité Paradis, 75010 Paris, France · Paris

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Our office is on the ground floor with the big windows. There's a Stratumn postcard so you can't miss it.

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For this first meetup we'll have 2 or 3 presentations on digital signatures.
The first presentation will be on Schnorr Ring Signatures.
The second presentation will be on hash-based signatures (winternitz & others).
We might add a third presentation, we're still discussing it.

These presentations will be technical. There will be some maths and some code involved. We'll assume basic knowledge of standard cryptography.

After the presentations, we'll have pizzas and beers to trigger cool crypto discussions.

If registered but discover later that you can't attend or change your mind, please unregister to let people on the waiting list attend. Thanks for them!