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Crypto Night #4

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1 bis Cité Paradis, 75010 Paris, France · Paris

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Our office is on the ground floor, with the big windows.

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Get ready for Crypto Night #4!

In this edition we will look at alternatives to certificate authorities for public-key cryptographic schemes.

Public-key cryptography always requires some form of PKI (public key infrastructure) to link public keys to real-life identities.
Today, the most widely deployed PKI is the use of certificate authorities. However it requires CAs to remain honest and protect themselves from being hacked.
History has shown that CAs can abuse their power and it can be very harmful for end users:

Our first presentation will be on identity-based encryption (IBE). The IBE scheme lets a user encrypt specifically for another user without the need for certificate authorities (but with a trusted central server).

Then we will present attribute-based encryption (ABE) which is a kind of extension of IBE.

This will be followed by pizzas and beers as usual.