ZK-PAR 0x01: On Bitcoin Lightning network and a take on Elliptic Curve creation

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You’re invited to join us for our first Zero Knowledge meetup in Paris on the 4th of July! We will be hosting Bastien Teinturier from Acinq (Lightning Network implementation) and Youssef El Housni from EY.

Bastien is a Software Developer working on the Bitcoin Lightning Network at Acinq. He will be presenting an overview of Anonymous Payments in the Lightning Network. Youssef is cryptography engineer working at EY. He will be presenting an history on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and the means to find such cryptosystems.

6:30-7:00 pm: Greetings, food and drinks (including vegan options)
7:00-7:50 pm: Presentation from Bastien Teinturier (Acinq)[masked]:40 pm: Presentation from Youssef El Housni (EY)

The presentation will be given in English.

Read more about Lightning Network: https://s-tikhomirov.github.io/how-lightning-works-part-1/

Below are the abstracts and bios of our speakers:

Talk title: Anonymous Payments in the Lightning Network

This presentation gives an overview of the Sphinx Onion Routing construction used in Bitcoin's Lightning Network.
The Bitcoin Lightning Network is a payment channel network that provides layer 2 scalability improvements to Bitcoin.
Payment anonymity is guaranteed by several mechanisms, some of which are already implemented and others are under active development.
Several academic papers have studied the security and anonymity of the Lightning Network: we will summarize their findings in this talk.

Bastien is a Software Developer working on the Bitcoin Lightning Network at Acinq, focusing on the cryptography and routing parts of the protocol. Before joining Acinq, Bastien worked for Stratumn on p2p networks and zero-knowledge cryptography, and at Microsoft on backend web services for the Windows 10 ecosystem.

Talk title: The generation of elliptic curves in cryptography

This presentation is a dive into the history of Elliptic Curve Cryptography and the generation processes for applications ranging from signatures to Zero Knowledge Proof. We will be going over the different purposes of using EC and the different requirements in their generations. We will be also going over the generation methods and the output families for each purpose.

Bio: Youssef is a cryptography engineer working at EY to build and deliver to clients blockchain solutions with focus on privacy issues. Prior to joining EY, he worked in R&D at a French startup, called Secure-IC, on different topics ranging from video steganography to side-channel attacks on post-quantum cryptography.