Exploring LegacyWare with RDF and Survol by Remi Chateauneu

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Lab49, Level 2, 30 St Mary Axe

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Join us for the next Semantic Web London meetup on July 17th.

Doors open at 6:30 pm for some networking, pizza and beer, and the talk starts at 7:00 pm.

This month's talk is Exploring LegacyWare with RDF and Survol by Remi Chateauneu

Survol is Primhill Computer's Software Intelligence tool to analyse and investigate running applications and legacy information systems in-situ.

It focuses on the analysis of the typical situation of machines, processes and databases communicating with each other in a system that became complicated, undocumented and difficult to maintain over time.

Survol web client connects to a server agent, that can run dozens of modular Python scripts, each specialising on a specific type of technical information. It extracts snapshots of the system in various formats, including graphics and RDF, and presents them to the user for analysis.

At the meetup, we'll see how RDF and Survol are great tools to gather, analyse and display unstructured, volatile and diverse system data.

Remi is a software developer, with about twenty years of experience working on legacy systems. Over time he noticed that exploring existing information systems is done with the same kind of commands and scripts, so he gathered these in a framework called Survol, which means Overview.

Lab49 is hosting the meetup.

Due to building security requirements, please use your full real name to RSVP, or contact the meetup organisers in case you are using an alias on meetup.com.