UX in Lux - How cognitive biases influence user’s decisions

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We all are aware of them (aren't we?) but do consciously mind them in our daily work activities? Laurence Wagner and Stephanie Walter kindly accepted to share their insights with us and we are thrilled to welcome them for our May event.

Cognitive biases are psychological thought mechanisms and tendencies that cause the human brain to draw incorrect conclusions. They impact any human being. Even those who know they exist. As designer or researcher, they will impact our daily job: they impact user interviews, user research, meetings with colleagues and most human interactions we can have.

The list of biases is long and hard to digest, so we created a deck of 52 UX cards that we organized in 5 categories: https://stephaniewalter.design/blog/52-ux-cards-to-discover-cognitive-biases/

In this meetup we will discuss cognitive biases, how they might impact your work and we will present you the deck and how you could use it to help co-workers and members of your teams to become aware of their own biases.

Laurence Vagner is a senior UX/UI designer, full of creativity, a bit geeky and scientist, who enjoys knitting and pottery.
Stephanie Walter is a senior UX designer, a mobile expert. She teaches, she speaks and writes about her work. She is a chaotic (neutral) tea aligned, pixels & CSS lover.

They both live and work in Luxembourg and created “UX in Lux”, a collective that organizes workshops and meetups to share knowledge among UX designers and raise awareness about UX methodologies and tools for everyone, including non-designers.

The link to the meeting will be added soon - please check the event description or drop us a message for any further question.

We are looking forward to another great remote event and super excited to welcome Laurence and Stéphanie for this occasion. See you soon, take care!