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NIGHT Photography Workshop (24th Nov 2018)
Workshop fees- $125 (ex FULL-course students) $160 (walk-in new participants) Meet at Gombak MRT Doing low-light photography at night is a lot simpler to achieve than one might think. The results can be very stunning and wonderful effects are easy to learn. Having said, its possible to achieve quality night shots with humble set-up & even point-& shoot compact cameras. For successful night photography you will need a digital camera that allows you to keep the shutter open for a long duration, anywhere from 1" to 30" and most cameras big & small enable this. The 'Essential' bring along are- * DSLR or Compact PnS with SPARE batteries. * A Sturdy tripod * A cable release or Wireless remote for BULB mode * Torch-light * External flash (optional) * Learn Manual focusing in difficult lighting. * Understanding Shutter Speed & BULB. * Proper usage of the Tripod. *** BONUS technique. Learn to manual focus in darkness. Registration confirmed with payment only. Kindly invite yourself here by clicking 'GOING' for a head-count. *** Francis Lee Photography Courses & Workshops are endorsed by The National Arts Council & People’s Association. Registered with MOE ***

Bukit Gombak MRT Station (NS3)

Bukit Gombak · Singapore