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Have you been married, involved with, worked for, lived with, related to or even associated with an emotionally manipulative personality or someone with a true narcissist personality? I bet it was one of the darkest and most difficult times of your life. Relationships like these cause low self esteem, low self worth, difficulty making decisions, fear of moving forward, insufficient self care, difficulties in other relationships.

This group is designed for those who have been effected by narcissism, emotional abuse, and toxic relationships in their past and who are striving to stand up after the tear down. Learn how to take care of yourself, make yourself a priority, take pride in who you are, and be who you were meant to be!

This is a POSITIVE and empowering group lead by a recovered narcissistic relationship graduate. Here in this group we concentrate on forward motion and spend time on awareness understanding and healing.

We have spent enough time on the toxic people in our lives NOW it is time to concentrate on YOU!!!

Make yourself the priority of your own life.

You can reach me in several ways if you have questions. Follow this link to download and take my "Toxicity Profile Analysis to evaluate which areas of toxicity you are having the most struggle with. After taking it you can submit it to my office for evaluation and schedule a follow-up to go over your personal level of the effects the toxic relationship has had on your life. Sometimes it helps to understand why you are feeling the way you are and how to take the first step forward to becoming "you" again. (Follow up appointments do have an office fee however it has been the best step for many to get moving in the right direction.)


You can also follow me on facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/coachingwithdrheidi/ (http://edgewellness.net/toxic-relationship-awareness-healing/)

It is my mission to make aware as many as I can about the toxic relationship, provide programs to educate and strengthen the confidence and self worth in those who have been torn down, and be a happy inspiration of hope to those yet trapped within the cycle!

Looking forward to hearing your story,

dr heidi

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2020 National It's Not Normal It's Toxic Conference

St. Louis


ARE YOU READY TO #LIVETOXICFREE Ask yourself the following questions: Are you... Struggling with triggers from your past? Being affected by past or present criticisms? Taking the blame when it's not yours to take? Feeling trapped in your situation, whether it be in a romantic relationship, a familial relationship, or with a friend or coworker? Controlled or manipulated by someone close to you? Feeling guilty for things that are not under your control? Experiencing low self-esteem? Longing for FREEDOM? Find your Freedom this March at the Third Annual "It's Not Normal. It's Toxic: Toxic Relationship & Awareness Conference 2020." Hosted by Dr. Heidi Brocke, this conference is created for those who are struggling in or recovering from a toxic relationship, emotional abuse, or narcissistic behavior. Recognizing this abuse is difficult as there are no physical scars to reveal the pain. However, we know that emotional abuse deeply affects and damages the lives of those involved. Personal struggles with trust, self-confidence, guilt and acceptance will arise after experiencing this emotional warfare. Some do slowly recover, some never escape, and others continually repeat the same cycle with the same or different people. Learn how to recognize and protect yourself from the PAIN of toxic relationships, gaining the confidence to move forward beyond them. Learn to recognize the signs and characteristics of toxic personalities, study the ways they manipulate your conversations, and identify the tactics used to maintain control over you. The more you are aware, the more you will be capable of getting out, staying out and protecting yourself from toxic other people who may enter your life. Join Dr. Heidi and her panel of speakers, covering topics such as: Recognizing the "Red Flags" of a toxic relationship Navigating the narcissist's conversational tactics How to not be drawn back in to an unhealthy relationship Growing up in a toxic or unhealthy environment Moving forward into the life you deserve Sharing your story with confidence, free from guilt For more detailed information on the conference and to officially register, please visit our web page at https://coachingwithdrheidi.com/its-toxic-conference-2020/ Entrance into this 3-Day conference is normally $397.00. But if you register NOW, you can register for $199.00 for our First Opportunity Discount. You also have the option to attend Saturday only for $125.00. This conference will be located near St. Louis, but for the safety of our attendees, we will only be providing the physical address to those who have registered for the conference. Take your first step toward living #TOXICFREE and join us for a weekend of FREEDOM!

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