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What we’re about

Hello! Welcoming all lovers of the genre of free jazz, jazz, experimental music, or any that are just musically adventurous.

My name is Sami Majeed I am a devourer of music, jazz, and especially free jazz.  Why Free Jazz? It is a (generally) tempo less, key-less, even melodically and harmonically barren, intensely emotional communicative ecstatic convergence through the mere and primal tradition of call and response. Why join?

1. Are you a free jazz musician yourself? Let’s Jam.  
2. Are you a fan? Let’s have listening parties or meetups to discuss albums.  
3.I also host Saucy Spaghetti Sundays with Sun Ra Soundtracking Silent Movies occasionally and would love to grow my celebrators of the art of coincidence: here, free jazz sounds and visual comedy (I mainly put on Harold Lloyd Movies).  
4.Much like free jazz itself, the group has limited structure and is evolving.

There are no rules in our free jazz treehouse club. Except that rule. Oh, and Another. That those two don't contradict each other. So I guess there are two rules: The First rule here that are Zero rules. Then the Second Rule is that the First is not self contradictory.

Anyway! Join! That's a third rule.