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What we’re about

Hi every one !
This meetup is dedicated to all the people who are curios, or like/love sports and/or roller skating in all ways, whatever your level. 

I'll do these kind of session for SPORTS :
- fitness
- workout
- running/jogging
- crossfit
- some special exercices focus on abs, pectorals, diaper, legs, arms 
- Urban training session, moving in the city and using the decor, environement like benchs, relief to exercise

Each session start from a warmup, then exercices then scretching do not forget to bring water.

I'll do these kind of session for inline roller :
- starting for begginer
- freeride session
- rollerparade in Brussels (for the summer)
- slalom
- discovering
- citytripping
- downhill ? (O_o) not sure about it yet

Hope to see you motivated !

Whatever you want to be, healthy, fit, strong whatever your body now, you can do it, you have only one life, why not doing your best, being the best you can do ?