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Noon Hatha Yoga (By Donation) w/ Will, Certified Teacher @ Full Lotus Yoga PDX
• What we'll do Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice of mindfulness in movement. As we put the body in various positions (inside or outside of a yoga class) our body will develop muscle memory of those particular positions, especially if we do it over and over again. A sedimentary lifestyle will only age your body faster as it will end up stiffening up into a limited set of motions that you do all the time. With Hatha Yoga, you are stretching all the tissues properly, slowing down the aging and atrophy of connective tissues throughout the body. As you practice Hatha, you are also strengthening your mind's capacity to be still, since you are using your mind to hold still the body in these various postures. So take charge of your body now and discover the range of motion you were always meant to have. This class runs just over an hour and will involve a combination of breathing technique (pranayama) and physical exercise (hatha yoga). All levels are welcome to participate. This instructor's intensity rating is a 2/3. Peace and Love, -Will • What to bring Please bring a water bottle, mat, and anything you need for practice. This space also provides bolsters, blankets, mats, blocks and straps and there is a water dispenser with filtered water, too. • Important to know In general, every class is held with the intention that ANY body walking into the studio can participate and benefit from the yogic posturing and breathing. This class is offered on a $5-15 donation basis but that does not mean you have to have a cash donation every time; feel free to attend! Thank you.



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Free Yoga for Adults is in Portland, Oregon. We accept all levels of experience. Attendance is always free. We do not accept monetary donations. We do accept donations of yoga equipment so that we might have extras available for classes. We hope to make everyone comfortable and safe within their skill level and ability to do yoga. No one is required to do or to try any pose, and everyone is expected to practice safety and to stay within their own physical limits. The benefits from practicing yoga do not require competition or perfection. The benefits from practicing yoga come from maintaining and enhancing your body's ability to move, to stay flexible, and to experience the free flow of energy. Namaste.

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