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What we’re about

I am Sarfraz J Zaidi, a human being who woke up from the deep psychological sleep in 2006 while walking in the neighborhood park. Since then, I live a stress free life in this stressed out world.

Before that park incident, I was suffering from the stress of daily life, like everyone else.

Since my awakening, I did not abandon my relations or move to a forest like a monk. In fact, I continued to live in the same house with my wife and daughter, but without any emotional drama! I continued to provide guidance as a doctor but without the confinements of the modern medicine. Now I heal patients instead of providing the usual band-aid treatment.

At a personal level, I stay peaceful, calm, joyful, fearless, adventurous, playful, and content. I am totally free of annoyances, frustrations, anger, jealousy, greed, thrills, excitement, boredom, self-criticism, ego, embarrassments, and anxiety... And I did suffer from all of these psychological issues before my awakening.

Led by my compassion for humanity, I decided to share my art of stress free living. That's why I wrote books, gave talks, provided individual counseling, and conducted collective workshops.

Now I have decided to create this group to share my wisdom and practical tips on how to to be stress free in this stressed out world.

An open-minded person who uses common sense and wants to live a stress free life.

I will share my wisdom and guide you to easy, effective, and practical tips to be stress free. Then, your soul can enjoy inner peace, joy, love, trust, fearlessness, contentment, curiosity, creativity, and playfulness as it was meant to be at birth .