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Randal Rauser & Justin Schieber: An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar

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Does God exist? And can Christians and atheists get along?

Randal Rauser (Christian) and Justin Schieber (atheist) take up these questions in their new book, An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar. And in a morning of friendly dialogue and spirited debate they continue the conversation in Tucson.

Randal Rauser is Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) where he has taught since 2003. He has a PhD in systematic theology from King's College, London and lectures in the areas of theology, church history, worldview, and apologetics. Randal is the author/coauthor of ten books including Theology in Search of Foundations (Oxford University Press, 2009) and his most recent coauthored with Justin Schieber, An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar (Prometheus, 2016). Randal regularly blogs at

Justin Schieber is former co-host of the Reasonable Doubts Radio Show and Podcast and current host of the Real Atheology youtube channel ( where he produces informational videos on contemporary academic philosophy of religion. Justin has lectured on the philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God and has participated in many public debates throughout the United States and Canada. December 2016 saw the publication of 'An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar', a conversational exploration on the merits of theism co-authored along with Canadian theologian Randal Rauser and published through Prometheus Books.

Join Randal and Justin for this challenging and thought-provoking exchange. Copies of the book will be available for purchase.