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Weekly one-hour vocal development session with master voice teacher Leon Berrange, founder of Voxbox Camden.

The refined art of singing rests on a raft of physical and mental skills and awarenesses. I have developed powerful techniques for achieving real vocal development when working with groups by concentrating on developing these underlying skills.

These proven vocal development techniques, used regularly in my premium course modules, are now available to you in these NO CHARGE public sessions. Just register, respond to the weekly attendance email, and come along. Challenge and develop your technical abilities, and deepen your understanding of good vocal production.

'Who should attend?'If you are a pro or semi-pro singer: These sessions will keep you relaxed and balanced and performing at the top of your ability.If you are a developing singer you will gain skills and understanding that will enhance all aspects of your vocal studies.Beginners will become familiar with the foundations of the singing voice. Beginners will benefit from also taking an introductory course such as our Beginners Part A.

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