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Expectations and Requirements for being a member in our group:

1) First and foremost, this group was formed to be a place for French Bulldogs and their owners to socialize safely and in a fun environment; the NYC French Bulldogs Meetup is not a platform for business, hobby or extracurricular activities regarding any sort of breeding or for-profit dealings. Yes, this includes requests or propositions to stud, sell or buy a dog. Any mention of things eluding to such, whether at the Meetups or on our webpage, will be grounds for removal from the group. Period.

2) This group is comprised of many FRIENDLY, non-dominant or aggressive Frenchies, and we want to keep it that way. Thus while this group is meant for socializing dogs and we do understand that some who are new to the group, or being around other dogs in general, may be overwhelmed at first, we will not tolerate a continual over-aggressor and said party will be asked respectfully to refrain from coming again until their dog is more comfortable in larger-scale situations.

3) Each owner is responsible for the dog(s) they bring. This means you are to be watching, aware and on top of YOUR dog's behavior and actions at all times, specifically their attitudes and cleanliness. While we encourage socializing amongst the human participants, this is ultimately about the dogs' enjoyment, and parents must be steadfast in the monitoring of their personal dogs during play time to make sure that everything is going smoothly and that all dogs are having fun. As stated, over-aggressors will not be tolerated; this includes dogs who hump/mount/chase excessively or with aggression, instigate issues with others or actually aggressively bark at, growl or bite other dogs. Additionally, accidents (poop, pee, vomit or otherwise) are the responsibility of each owner to clean up immediately. We often times meet at indoor locations as well as nice community dog parks where we, the NYC French Bulldogs Meetup, are responsible for picking up after ourselves in order to be eligible to utilize the spaces. YOU are responsible for cleaning up after your dog promptly, no one else -

4) We require that the health of the dogs who attend Meetups be of the highest standard!! No puppies under the age of 5 months are allowed due to their compromised immune systems and ability to carry and pass germs along more readily than older dogs. Additionally, dogs are not welcome to attend Meetup if their vaccinations are not current (all dogs should be wearing collar and tags for verification) and up to date for their age, if they are in Heat or showing any signs of being close to a breeding cycle, if they've been experiencing or exposed to ANY SIGNS of illness within the last week, or if there are any open sores present on the day of the gathering.

5) Meetups are generally held once a month at varying locations around the city. We do our best to meet in convenient spots, and we are always looking for suggestions of large places our members would like to see us go. Indoor locations are generally only utilized if necessary per the weather, and we try to choose dog parks based on their level of public activity/cleanliness/safety as well as the ability to separate small and large breeds from each other. Please understand that this group is solely facilitated by Frenchie owners; no professional trainers or organizers host these events, so while we do our best to keep everything in line and running smoothly, there are times when we may not be able to meet due to extenuating circumstances and/or things happen that are out of our control. We strive to avoid those times, but we appreciate your flexibility and willingness to go with the flow.

6) NYC French Bulldogs costs $5/year to be a part of. This fee goes towards the rental of any indoor spaces we may meet at throughout the year as well as covering the fee that Meetup.com charges us to use this site for facilitation of the group. In the event that our fund is running low I will ask members to help contribute to the cost of the indoor meetups. Any overage after all monies are collected, will be donated to French Bulldog Rescue Network in the NYC French Bulldogs Meetup's name to help aid FBRN in their mission to rescue and rehabilitate French Bulldogs throughout North America who aren't as lucky as ours.

7) Awesome members -- both 2 and 4-legged -- make for awesome Meetups!! We are happy to have all who are happy to abide by the rules and be upstanding members of the group!! Remember The Golden Rule, and we'll see you at the next NYC French Bulldogs Meetup!!

Thanks for reading our rules!

Joy (and Toby)

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