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This group was created for Simone who loved to walk with other dogs and humans. Simone passed away on July 1, 2017, just shy of the 3-year anniversary of this group. She was pure love and she is missed every day.

Guidelines and rules for our walks:

Special Covid Guidelines:

If you are 2 weeks past your final Covid Vaccine and can provide proof of your vaccine (Bring your vaccine card and ID) you may attend our hikes without wearing a mask as long as you maintain distance between yourself and other walkers.

Participants recognize that any activity outside a sterile bubble carries a certain unavoidable risk. That risk is something you evaluate for yourself. You promise to avoid causing avoidable risk, follow group rules and admin instructions.

All human participants (without proof of vaccination) are required to wear a well-fitting face mask without an unfiltered ventilation port, bring any other PPE you might need, and maintain at least 6-feet distance between humans.

You must not attend hikes if you:

1: Have had COVID-19 within the past 21 days and have not been tested to be free of the virus.

2: You or Anyone in your sphere had any of the following symptoms in the last 21 days: cough, shortness of breath, fever greater than 100 degrees, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell in past two weeks, vomiting, diarrhea, generally do not feel well.

3: Are known to have been exposed to coronavirus within the last 21 days. 

If anyone who attended any of our Meetups is diagnosed with COVID-19 within 21 days after the event, they must notify the group admin.

Other rules/guidelines:

You are responsible for assessing your own risks and avoiding any walk you feel might be unsafe for you. The organizer tries to inform you of the trail difficulty level, but you must do your own research if you have safety concerns or health issues. The organizer, other members and Meet-up are not responsible for your safety or security of your belongings.

If a dog's human expresses any concern at all please listen carefully as people often try to be very gentle in their requests. Everyone should be comfortable on our Meet-ups. Some members have found that this group helps their dogs recover from previous traumatic experiences because it is a safe interaction with other dogs. We have found that as soon as the walk starts the dogs tend to become more at ease. Any dog who enjoys the walks and does not endanger other dogs is welcome.

If your canine companion barks a lot they are welcome, other dogs have not minded the barking. Dogs who are sensitive to barking can be positioned away from barkers and this has worked well. If you find that you need help on a walk please let the organizer know and she will help you and your canine friend. We have had great success with Meet-ups that include dogs with different personalities and preferences walking together harmoniously.

Please note that all hikes are at your own risk. I will try to let members know what to expect on hikes. Hikes are normally around 2 - 3 miles and easy (paved and mostly flat) to moderate (some uneven terrain, narrow paths and modest hills). Please bring water for yourself and your canine friend.

Rules (it is important for the walks to be fun and positive for everyone, and I don't want to be forced to enforce rules at the walk, so please read and follow the rules):

All dogs must be registered and up-to-date on their vaccines. Please have their tags visible on them.

Dogs must remain on-leash at all times. This is for their safety and the safety of everyone else. It is also a law for a good reason. If a dog enjoys swimming please bring a very long leash just for the water.

No retractable leashes on the walks unless you have gotten permission from me. They are dangerous normally, but more so in a group. http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/health ...

Do not use any negative control devices such as pinch collars, choke collars, or shocking or spraying devices.

Please do not use the antiquated dominance techniques. Here is a great article about it http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/14_12/features/Alpha-Dogs_20416-1.html and here is a great site about positive training methods: http://positively.com/ The walks are for the dogs and they should have fun. Tracy Krulik, a local trainer, has helpful advice on her site: http://www.ispeakdog.org/

In case you are interested, here is a video for training a dog not to pull on leash (though our dogs pull ha ha)


Watch body language of all dogs. Dogs who invite play and play nicely are encouraged, but please do not let your dog force play on another dog or intimidate in any way. If a dog moves away from your dog please do not let your dog follow or press them.

All who rsvp should please check the Meet-Up conversation as the time for the event approaches to make sure there are no changes, and please update your rsvp if your plans change.

To reduce unnecessary driving: if a Meet-Up has 6 or fewer people signed up as going or if the weather is questionable, please confirm you are coming. If at least one person confirms they are going within an hour of the Meet-Up time (I will post to ask for confirmations) we will have that Meet-up. If I am considering canceling (I have only canceled for bad weather) I will always keep you informed in the conversation.

This group is for dogs to socialize safely and walk together. We reserve the right to, at our discretion, remove and block any human who uses this group for any other purpose (we are not a dating group). Any member who has been harassed or made to feel uncomfortable should block the offender and provide evidence to the admins so they can take action if necessary. #timesup

Humans who want to come without a canine loved one are welcome if they bring a trash bag, gloves/grabber, and pick up litter on the walk.

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