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Looking for fun Board Games events, we have them!
Want to meet friends to see Anime with? You found us!
Additionally we'll indulge in cosplay & make the most of Philly's limited kawaii culture. Plus Japanese restaurants, and whatever else sounds like fun, we're up for trying!

I try to keep events FREE as often as possible, and if we are at restaurants, we'll have individual checks, so just pay for what you order.

If you have questions or want to suggest an event, please feel free to message me through the MeetUp system.

see you soon,

PS. MeetUp is a terrific way to meet people live & in person, but Facebook seems to work better as a way to stay in touch between Events. So we started a "Boardgames & Anime & Kawaii Culture" Facebook group for us to be connected even if you miss some events. Here is the link, you are welcome to join!
"Boardgames & Anime & Kawaii Culture" Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1900673920182399/)

Upcoming events (4+)

Dinner at Yamitsuki Ramen & Sushi



On Tuesday October 26th we'll be going to dinner at Yamitsuki Ramen & Sushi in Chinatown, at 1028 Arch Street! This is part of a "Dinning Series" hosted by our MeetUp friends at the Adventurous Foodies MeetUp and we've been invited to join! Like the other events in this series, there is a $3 fee to attend. Also we will have separate checks, perfect for our large group, especially if some people are running late after work or traffic, or others need to leave early.

When RSVPing, please Venmo $3 to: @David-Meetup
If you need my phone # when paying, its[masked]

I have reserved the entire back room that they refer to as their "Party Room", sounds like fun!

Actually everything about Yamitsuki is fun. When entering you're greeted by an upbeat "Japanese pop culture" vibe. And the food certainly matches the atmosphere, with appetizers that include Japanese street food items like onigiri, takoyaki, edamame, and gyoza. Main courses include nine different types of ramen, including traditional Tonkotsu and Miso, to their own creations like Spicy, Miso Veggie, and Shrimp Tempura flavors. And did I mention bowls of ramen are only $11? Additionally there is a full sushi menu featuring Signature Rolls like Fancy Dragon Roll ($13) and King Salmon Roll ($13) to an assortment of traditional rolls that are $5 each.

Plus they have a full bar with house cocktails and sake!

I have reserved their entire "Party Room" for us, which is in the back & has some privacy, much easier for us to socialize and enjoy ourselves.

IMPORTANT: I will also be charging a $3 fee that should be paid in advance, no later than one day before this event to help me get an accurate count. I could say that the fee is going to MeetUp fees, yada yada yada, but honestly I want to charge a nominal, and non-refundable fee so that I know people are serious about their RSVPs. The restaurant & hospitality industry has suffered enough, I don't want us to be holding spots from other potential diners, or other members of our group who wanted to attend but thought the event was full. My hope is that this nominal fee will help me know that everyone is taking their RSVP seriously.

When RSVPing, please Venmo $3 to: @David-Meetup
If you need my phone # when paying, its[masked]

I appreciate all the support everyone has shown with me getting this Dining Series started, and hope everyone can make in on the 26th!

see you there,

Online Board Games every Thursday at 7pm

Online event

Friends -- we meet every Monday & Thursday during the pandemic to play online board games, and use Discord to chat & socialize while we play! Now we've restarted IN PERSON Monday Board Games but will continue with Thursdays online.

Discord chat link: https://discord.gg/nJdSyaeTzP
We play most games using boardgamearena.com, and we also play Catan using the Catan Universe app. There is always a group that will be playing Catan, and there is always at least one group playing various games using boardgamearena.com

Zach has expanded our Discord Chat Rooms to be able to accommodate 15 people each, so large group & team games can be played. Here is the link: https://discord.gg/nJdSyaeTzP
Using Discord has been terrific so far, allowing us to live chat & socialize while we've been playing.

I will still likely be playing Catan, with Jon, Wendy, Vanessa, and others stepping up and helping host games for the group using Board Game Arena.

please leave comments & questions below.
see you online!

Friday Happy Hour & Karaoke at Lair KTV

Lair KTV

Friends - join us for "Friday & Karaoke" at Lair KTV, a terrific Karaoke lounge, at 1025 Arch Street in Chinatown. We had a fantastic time here before & I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. Join us there starting at 5pm and we'll be gathering at the main bar. This event is FREE to attend & singing Karaoke is FREE as well.

Lair KTV is in the basement, so don't be surprised when you are brought downstairs.

Lair KTV normally doesn't have Happy Hour on Fridays, but they'll make an exception just for us -- there will be discounted beers and cocktails from 5pm to 7pm! ...Best Way to Start the Weekend
Although Happy Hour deals end at 7pm, we usually are still going strong at 9pm or 10pm, sometimes even later.

Meet, Talk, Network, & SING!
Our First Friday Happy Hour & Karaoke series has been a lots of fun and a great way to meet people. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

see you there,

Also, if you like to stay in touch with our MeetUp group on Facebook, join our "Philly Social Adventures" group, which is where over 600+ Philly MeetUp members stay in touch between events. Here's the link:

Monday Board Game Nights at The Bourse Food Hall

The Bourse Food Hall

Friends - in person Monday Board Game Nights have restarted!

I'm also excited about the new location. We'll be gathering at The Bourse, a gorgeous & spacious Food Hall with lots of room, long tables, and a variety of food & drink vendors to choose from!

There is no fee and we'll be bringing our own board games. If you own lots of board games, feel free to bring a few of the ones that you don't mind teaching. And if you don't own any but still want to have fun, than just bring yourself.

I'll be adding details in the Comments and please feel free to also comment or ask questions. Additionally, you are welcome to mention which games you plan to bring in the comments as well.

Can't wait, see you there!

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