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Out & About Winnipeg is for those who want to "go places" with other people, and explore what the city & surrounding locations have to offer.

It was created to attract a group of people who are interested in joining the company of others in various social activities by the organizer posting different Meet Up opportunities.

We all "MEET UP" for various activities around Winnipeg & in rural Manitoba.

The group is comprised of married and single adults. This is not a dating group, and yet you may find others with mutual likes.


Out and About Winnipeg is a PRIVATE group as of November 15, 2019.

⭐️ There is a $24 yearly member contribution fee to ensure that all costs incurred to run the group are covered, and to show your supportive appreciation for the service & all the efforts the organizer goes through in providing many opportunities to you.

• This Meet Up Group provides a platform to meet up with other people & find like minded individuals for friendship, and casual activity outings.

• This Meet Up Group provides a variety of activities and event opportunities to participate at with other people to create some fun in your life.

• This Meet Up Group has member’s screened to weed out those that may act with inappropriate behavior such as sending x-rated photos and chat messages.

PLEASE NOTE: For 12 years, Out & About Winnipeg was running as a privately operated activity group which was free to the public. The organizer can no longer absorb the costs herself.

Life is what YOU make of it.

Discover the treasures that the city holds and create a passion to participate in what this city offers.

I welcome you to come out and experience this city, and in turn meet some really great people!

⭐️ As of January 1, 2021 a $24 yearly Membership contribution was added to be part of Out & About Winnipeg Meet Up group.


There are no refunds on Membership fees, unless it is approved by the organizer.

Refunds are not offered on PREPAID MEET UP ACTIVITIES either, but if you find you are unable to attend a meetup after you have purchased your ticket, you may find someone else to take your spot, and arrange for them to pay you directly.

Then email the organizer via her profile email to let her know of the change.


Meet Up Guidelines:

1) All Out & About Winnipeg Social Group meet ups will take place in public places.

2) There is a charge of $24 per person yearly.

3) This social group is for adults 18 years and up.


5) There is a Membership fee to be part of the group as of January 1, 2021. It goes toward the costs involved to run the group, such as the website, zoom & other software. The organizer does pay for the website and volunteers her time and effort to run this group.

6) You are responsible for yourself and should only do activities at your own personal discretion & limitations.

7) Emailing pornography, scams, inappropriate messages, emails or inappropriate website links will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of other members on the site.

8) Please be respectful and change your RSVP to NO if you have changed your mind on going to a meet up, or send a short note to let the organizer know.


> ⭐️ For some meet ups you will be given the opportunity to add a guest to join you at the meet up.


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Let’s Go for a Walk 😃🌅

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Let’s Go for a Walk 😃

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Let’s Go for a Walk 😃🌅

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Socialize & Dine

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Uptown Alley Bowling Lanes 🎳

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