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What we’re about

What we're about
Friends First (FF) began almost 20 years ago as a group of single friends who enjoyed planning fun events (hikes, dinners, camp-outs, happy hours, dances etc.) and evolved into a much larger group of active, interesting people.  Today we are a group of single folks who continue to enjoy the camaraderie, enduring friendships, and shared activities of our group. 
The "Friends First" ethic permeates this group and is actively promoted by the Leadership Team. Many of us are transplants and consider this our local family and support group. Members care, share and enjoy. Active membership is a great no-pressure way to meet others, make new friends, be more active and participate in numerous and varied fun activities.
EVENTS & ACTIVITIES: We are an all volunteer group. It is up to you how many shared activities we post every week. If there is an event or activity you are planning to attend and you want companions from the group to join, do the following:
E-mail Jeff at least a week in advance what, when, where and how many folks you want to join you. Be careful about an event that requires a reservation as people often change their minds after registering to attend. Jeff will post the event on the website.
JOINING THE GROUP: Membership is open to mature singles 50 and over.  Members who first joined the group as singles and met each other at FF and are now a couple are welcome to continue their involvement with FF.  A recognizable face photo of yourself in your profile is required.  In order to maintain member privacy, you must be a member of this group to view our Calendar, Member List, Photos, Messages, and Files. Organizers have no access to member account information on the Meetup site. You are responsible for maintaining your profile data, photos, and all else under your member name and account.
MISSION STATEMENT: To create fun activities and events and provide opportunities for mature single people over 50 to meet other singles with common interests, to become friends and to socialize without pressure.  While we are NOT a dating group, dating is neither discouraged nor encouraged and does occur.
Sample events include but are not limited to:
·         Dinners, hikes, live music, dancing, poker, book club
·         Happy Hours
·         Special events such as picnics, camping and cookouts
·         Themed activities and holiday fun events
RSVP’s / RESERVATIONS:  Please sign up on this website for all activities you plan to attend.  Organizers need to know how many people will be attending for a variety of reasons.  It is especially important for you to change your RSVP to “No” 24 hours in advance if something comes up and you cannot attend after you RSVP’d “Yes”.  Failure to cancel 24 hours in advance (except for a true emergency) for three (3) events will result in being denied reserving a slot for future events. Often we have waiting lists and this is the only way we have to fill an empty slot. We also have to protect our reputation when we make reservations and proprietors hold tables for us. When attending an event, please don’t sit by yourself away from the group.  If you must do so, at a minimum check in with the host so we know you came.   
ORGANIZATION: We are an all-volunteer group and our success is dependent on your active participation.  Have an idea for an event or activity?  E-mail any of us on the Planning Committee and we will work with you to set it up.  The Planning Committee consists of the Organizer, the Co-Organizer, and a number of Assistant Organizers. It meets periodically to plan events and discuss business. All posted events will have an Event Organizer unless otherwise noted as a No Host event.
1.       Respect everyone you meet.  Disrespectful behavior or language based on race, religion, sex or political belief will not be tolerated.  Adult behavior and language is expected at all times.
2.      Members are responsible for the behavior of their non-member guests.
3.      Be as active at meeting others as you wish, but do not be "pushy".
4.      Provide a warm welcome to new members.
5.      Tip generously for service provided including valet parking. 
6.      Pay your own way to include helping pay for gas when carpooling.
7.      At private venues (held at homes etc ), help provide an immaculate cleanup for hosts.
8.      There are no membership dues.  That said, donations are greatly appreciated to fund the purchase of name tags, paper goods, etc. and our annual MeetUp membership.  Some events will have admission fees.
9.      Advertising and business promotion are strictly forbidden.  No website references/links may be in your profile or flyers at events. You are free to network on a one-on-one basis but understand that this is a friendship network, not a marketing opportunity.
10.  All attendees participate at an event at their own risk and are solely responsible for any damage to their property, and/or any injury to themselves or their guests. You and your guests knowingly and voluntarily agree not to bring any type of claim arising out of or related to this meetup event against the hosts and/or organizers of this meetup group.
11.  The organizer committee reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to anyone.
12.  Adhere to the Alcohol & Drug and Covid policies below.
ALCOHOL & DRUG POLICY: We host many types of activities. Consumption of alcohol is a reasonable expectation of many of our members. As a group, we neither support nor condemn doing so.  We do not provide any alcohol at the group’s expense. You are responsible for the consequences of alcohol consumption including health crises.  During “BYOB” events do not consume what others bring without their permission.  “Cash Bars” are the responsibility of the venue serving alcoholic drinks.  So-called “recreational” drugs are not permitted at our events. 
COVID POLICY: Hosting of a Friends First event and members participation is by choice.  People are considered to be adults and are fully responsible for the consequences of their own decisions regarding the degree of Covid exposure risk they find acceptable.  Except for on-line events, there is no zero risk for any group event. Our responsibility in posting an event is, to the best of our ability, provide all the information members need to make an informed decision about their participation. Individual events and hosts determine Covid restrictions.