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ALL Current Members RSVP

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ALL Current Members RSVP


ALL Current Members RSVP

We have had quite a good time is such a short amount of time. We have been an official group since July 2022 and what a ride it has been. For the “vets” thanks for continuing with Friends Seeking Adventure (FSA) and for the new members thanks giving this whole FSA thing a go! Welcome to the family!

What I can say, is hands down, we have the best people in our group out of all the groups I’ve been to! Come and join the fun! Without ALL of you that wouldn’t be possible, so THANK YOU.

RSVP TO THIS PAGE, you will be notified of the following and then some:

  • [ ] All current events

  • [ ] Updates

  • [ ] Any last minute openings or available tickets

  • [ ] Members can post to see if other members are interested in something. For example, maybe you have a concert coming up and want someone to go with you, you can ask if anyone here would like to get tickets and join you. (One of MANY examples)

  • [ ] If you have an event idea and want to see if others would be interested to make it an official event (and you’d like to host it), you can suggest it here :)

  • [ ] And the list goes on…

I do also want to take a moment to reiterate some of our rules:

  1. This is not a dating app, don’t come to the group looking to hookup.

  2. After your 14 day trial period, the cost of the group is $5 per month and I hope you see the value in the group :) We typically offer 2-3 events on an average week, as well as give discounted or free events. In addition, if you need anything, have no fear, Keri is here lol jk (but I am here to help and will get back to you as soon as possible).

  3. Must be 30 years of age of older as stated in the name 😉

  4. Please RSVP with INTEGRITY. No shows are unacceptable. Take yourself off of the event prior to the event or you will be booted from the group. If it is a volunteer event, the rules change and only on volunteer events. This will be explicitly stated in said event.

  5. In order to attend a home event, you must have attended another event prior. This goes for your plus one as well (if that option is given).

  6. Please be kind. Do unto others as you’d want them to do to you. Easy peezy right?

  7. Once you have paid for an event, no refunds. Certain situations you might be able to sell your ticket to someone on the waitlist, but this might not always be the case. Just a heads up.

Let’s have fun going on adventures and making memories.

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Friends Seeking Adventure 30 and Up
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