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Let's celebrate life. Celebrate ourselves. Celebrate each other. Be in touch with ourselves. Be in touch with each other. FEEL CONNECTED.

What most drives us is our yearning for connection and belonging.

We yearn for a person, a setting or a group of people where we feel welcome and accepted and can express ourselves freely without anybody wanting to mess with it, change it or fix it.

A place where we can safely be present with what is alive in us without needing to hide anything.

Our feelings, emotions,  needs, weaknesses but also strengths, gifts and talents.

What we are looking for is our tribe.

In our early life we had to suppress parts of ourself in order to fit in and get the attention and "love" that we needed.

At the same time we started to relate from a mental and thought level in order to keep the suppressed parts of us and also the pain of having abandoned ourself at bay and disconnect from it.

Unfortunately there is no authentic relating on a mental level or the mask that we have adopted. In order to have fulfilling relationships and regain our aliveness we need to get back in touch with our body, our feelings and emotions. We can't numb feelings selectively. If we numb fear, sadness, anger and other feelings also aliveness and fulfillment are numbed.

Fulfillment does not come from objects, achievements or even our purpose but from being in touch with ourselves and therefore following our inner compass independently of what others think or believe.

The idea of "EGO TO WEGO" is to offer that welcoming home of connection, togetherness and belonging where we can be present with what is alive in us. A place where we can trust and feel safe in order to feel welcome the way we were meant to be.

It may take courage to experiment doing things differently and gain new experiences and see that we are accepted even if we show our weaknesses and needs.

All events offered here are a space with activities to reconnect to ourselves and others and also to rediscover our authenticity and shine the way we were meant to be.

There will be different levels of intensity and depth which you can tell from the event descriptions.

A magical experience of connection, togetherness, belonging, light-heartedness, ease & adventure.

Feel free to join us!


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