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Join our June F-Enders Meetup!

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Matt A. and Derek


Hello to all of the original (as well as our new) F-Enders!

Our third Meetup will be held on Thursday 30th June from 6pm.

Keynote: Basarat Ali Syed

• 6pm: Doors Open - Networking, drinks, and catching up!

• 6.30pm Talk 1 Title: TypeScript - The best of the JavaScript transpilers

• Synopsis:

TypeScript allows you to use ES6/ES7 features today. But more than that it also allows powerful linting of your code in the form of a type system. This session will show you why you should use TypeScript today instead of waiting for the next big JavaScript transpiler.

• 7pm Break: Pizzas and Drinks

• 7.15pm Talk 2 Title: Why you should use ReactJS

• Synopsis:

Of the top three frontend frameworks you will most likely make a choice between for your next project, ReactJS is by far the lightest. That simplicity is the key to its long term maintainability and it's a framework that can be mastered very quickly if you already know JavaScript.

• 7.45pm Prizes: Collective Campus Prizes for best questions selected by Basarat!


Basarat (@basarat ( is a highly active member of the TypeScript community. Participant in a few OSS github organizations like DefinitelyTyped, TypeStrong, Typings. Creator of Atom-TypeScript, grunt-ts and now ( Author of Beginning NodeJS and TypeScript Deep Dive. Top contributor for the TypeScript tag on StackOverflow.

Thank you to Versent ( for kindly offering to host this event! There will also be tech prizes available on the night, along with food and drink.

This is gearing up to be a special event and we will hopefully see you there.

RSVP NOW to guarantee your spot!

Venue: Level 3, 145 Russell St, Melbourne CBD,144.967988,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x32c50549105b92e2!8m2!3d-37.813152!4d144.967988

Level 3, 145 Russell Street · Melbourne
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