SydPWA 11 Apr - futuristic GraphQL API and WebAssembly

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Frontend Tech
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Where? Microsoft Reactor Hub

When? 11 Apr 2019, 6pm

* "Building PWA with real-time GraphQL API" by Mikhail Asavkin
The technology showcased by Mikhail might become the mainstream one day. This is a mind blowing talk about a futuristic GraphQL technology you have to see! 🤯

* "Go... ing with WebAssembly" by Aaron Powell
Throughout this talk, we'll learn about what WebAssembly is, how to use Go to create WebAssembly binaries and how to bring it all together in with a web developers toolchain.

Talks from the previous meetup: 🎥
* Fingerprint Scanner in Browsers - 👍
* Push Notification in Browsers - 💨