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Chan Meditation in the Park is for everyone who are interested in learning or practicing Chan meditation. We welcome you to invite in the group which is very beneficial for any meditators. Our meetups are good for all ages, religions, cultures and it is also good for all levels from beginners to advanced meditators.

What is Chan

What is Chan MeditationChan (called "zen" in Japanese) is the most advanced form of Mahayana Buddhist meditation. We follow the tradition of Wei Yang lineage, one of five Chinese Chan schools transmitted by Grand Dharma Master Hsuan Hua. We adapt Chinese Chan training methods to the Western culture and modern times and call it "American Chan".

Dharma Masters say

"Meditation is a journey through stillness that will restore your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Along the way you will unfold your inherent wisdom, discover your inner sanctuary and develop a deep sense of peace. At the most basic level, the powerful techniques of Chan meditation will help you help you develop greater focus and concentration with an immediate and practical application to your life, enhancing your work and daily routines. As your concentration power grows with regular practice, you will become calm and centered. You will become healthier and function more effectively at whatever you put your mind to." From the Chan Handbook by Dharma Master YongHua

Meditation is not about feeling sense of peace or silence during the sit. Meditation is to learn how to deal with the pain and the suffering, all the false thoughts, and learn not be afflicted. - Dharma Master YongHua

“To truly recognize our faults and do not discuss the faults of others. Others’ fault are simply my own. That is great compassion.” - The Great Dharma Master Hsuan Hua

Freezing to death, we do not scheme. Starving to death, we do not beg. Dying of poverty, we ask for nothing. According with conditions, we do not change. Not changing, we accord with conditions. We adhere closely to these three great principles. We renounce our lives to do the Buddha's work. We mold our lives for the fundamental works. We rectify our lives as the Sangha's work. Encountering specific matters, we understand the principles. Understanding the principles, we apply them in specific matters. We carry on the single pulse of the patriarch's mind-transmission.- The Great Dharma Master Hsuan Hua


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