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Docker Swarm Visualizer-A journey from developer to open source project co-lead
We're happy to invite you to our Lecture @ Beer by Dov Amir. Today, with a container orchestration framework, one fullstack developer can deploy and manage a large micro-services cluster, a job that used to require a team of engineers and devops specialists. The easiest way to get started with orchestration is docker swarm, and the only missing parts are some linux command line tricks and a good monitoring tool. Docker swarm visualizer is an open source project designed to monitor a docker swarm cluster. With the help of open source contributors , it is on its way to becoming a production ready monitoring tool for visualizing docker clusters in real time. It is based on Docker Remote API and Node.JS. ** To ensure your participation, please fill out >> this form ** This talk will cover: Container orchestration in general. Docker swarm My personal experience contributing to the Docker swarm visualizer open source project. Linux command line tips and tricks for developers (that sometimes prefer to "live" in the IDE)/ Hope to see you Tika Team • What to bring • Important to know

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kiryat Atidim building 7, 3rd floor Entrance # 1 · Tel Aviv-Yafo

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This is a community for fullstack developers ( who would like to share and learn new technologies, practices and tools. Our meetings usually talks about everything in all levels of the software layers.
We focus on a "Fullstack" developers, as for today every developer is expected to do a bit of everything: front-end, back-end, database/store, infrastructure and server operation, sure we all have a preference and specialization, but in order to keep up in the current technology pace we should learn and practice with more languages, technologies, libraries and platforms, not to mention to be able to plan, architect, develop, deploy and maintain an entire application and the stack it runs on by yourself.

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קבוצה זו מתמקדת באתגר החדש של כל מפתח, לשלוט בכל שכבות האפליקציה והפיתוח:
front-end, back-end, database/store, infrastructure and server operation.

למרות שלכולנו יש העדפה והתמחות ספציפית, על מנת לעמוד בקצב הטכנולוגיה הנוכחי אנחנו צריכים ללמוד ולתרגל שפות תכנות נוספות, טכנולוגיות, ספריות ופלטפורמות.

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