Building ‘Bootiful’ micro-services on the cloud using Netflix OSS workshop

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This workshop will be taken by Idan Fridman ( from Tikal (

Micro-services Are not a free lunch.
They seem to have exploded in popularity this year and together it's complexity cant be ignored

Company like Twitter, Google, Amazon and Netflix already had to answer these questions.

In this workshop I have gathered the main tools of Netflix OSS and by using them you can easily turn your Spring boot micro-service design and infrastructure into solid steel.

In this talk we going to demonstrate step by step explanations and live demo's showing how to stitch everything together to make cloud-native and microservice centric systems a breeze!


• Microservices - Quick overview

• Implementing microservices - Build your endpoints with Spring-Boot

• Spring Cloud and Netflix

• Service Discovery: Eureka instances

• Circuit Breaker: Hystrix

• Netflix Turbine

• Client Side Load Balancer: Ribbon

• Router and Filter: Automatic registration of Zuul

• RxJava: Aggregation of multiple micro-service async requests

• Declarative REST Client: Feign

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