Chaos-based architectures for distributed password cracking


In this Meetup by Haggai Philip Zagury, DevOps Architect and Salo Shp, SRE Expert from Tikal, we will show you how password cracking which is a well known predictable computing task and can be used to measure different infra / mesh-based solution (e.g k8s, Lambda's etc).

With the trend of SecOps, & Chaos Engineering hagzag and saloshp Tech leads @ Tikal took the challenge, and will demonstrate how running the same "predictable task" on different providers, varying from bare-metal to cloud, In order to determine which platform/scale solution is the most cost-effective/performant one.
Our challenge is to use Chaos tools to define Total Cost Ownership.

If you run it long enough you'll the ability to crack any password .... ;)

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Hope to see you all,
Tikal Team