Build Your 1st Flutter App - Workshop *Sold Out*


**We are fully-Booked! Please don't show up if you haven't signed up in the form. RSVP is not enough**

Flutter is Awesome! Flutter is Hot!!
Flutter popularity is growing these days (It's already in the top 10 most popular repos on GitHub) and many companies around the world are starting to consider it as a real option for their new products.

In this workshop, we will experience our first hands-on Flutter experience!
By creating your first basic app, you will learn the basics of creating basic Flutter UI and Widgets, Development cycle with HotReload, and see some nice tips and tricks to make your development faster.
On the Agenda:
17:00 - Snacks and Registration
17:30 - Intro
18:00 - Workshop
19:00 - Short Break
19:15 - Workshop
20:15 - Summary and Conclusions

In order to participate in this workshop, please bring your own (charged) laptop with Flutter dev environment installed.
Please follow the installation instructions in the "Getting started" web page:
Select the instructions for your system (Windows/Mac/Linux) - Make sure you do all steps:
1. Flutter SDK install
2. Platform setup (IOS is not must, but nice to have)
3. Set the Android Studio plugins
4. Run Test Drive