June Meetup Sponsored by Askuity - Reactive and Severless Talks

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116 Spadina Ave suite 100 · Toronto, ON

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161 Spadina just beside the skate shop up the stairs to the left.

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Talk 1 - Full Stack Reactive

Reactive programming is a niche but increasingly popular approach to building fully responsive systems. One of the most challenging aspects of building responsive systems is dealing with issues of failure and scale while also ensuring near real-time responsiveness.

This talk will dive into what it takes to build a 'full stack reactive' system. We’ll cover some key reactive patterns by demonstrating the concepts using a reference application called ‘Reactive Stock Trader’. We’ll begin with a reactive UI using Vue.js, then dive into key reactive service patterns such as event sourcing and CQRS using Lagom and Java. Finally, we’ll discuss deeper distributed systems concepts like eventual consistency by demonstrating them using a fully event-based persistence layer using Cassandra.

All code examples will be using Java and JavaScript, although the focus of the talk will be on the concepts of reactive programming, and the concepts are portable to many different languages.


Kevin Webber (https://kevinwebber.ca/) is an independent software consultant with over 18 years of Java development and architecture experience. Most recently he ran a small consulting firm called RedElastic which specialized in Scala related technologies. Before that he was Developer Advocate and Enterprise Architect at Lightbend, the corporate steward of the Scala programming language. In his spare time he’s the organizer of ReactiveTO (https://www.meetup.com/Reactive-TO), a meetup group focused on reactive programming and reactive systems, which he started in 2014.

Talk 2 - Serverless with Kotlin and Android

Serverless is all the rage lately. This talk will walk you through the entire full stack using an android dating application as our starter project. We will go over serverless architecture, serverless functions, using interactive methods like daisy chaining and persistent key value stores and common serverless technologies like Pub/Sub. We will do all of this with Kotlin and Android

Syed is an engineer, international speaker, and writer based out of Toronto, Canada. He worked for the largest serverless network company, PubNub ,in San Francisco. Since leaving, he’s founded Northern Zen a company focused on improving Developer Relations by setting a standard for documentation, technical writing and event organization.

About Askuity
Askuity is a retail analytics software company operating as an innovative new division within The Home Depot. We utilize angularJs, Angular 2+, JavaScript, GitFlow, Atlassian Cloud, Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services, Scala, Kotlin, Java, and are always experimenting with innovative new ways of parsing, processing, and displaying our petabytes of data! Come work with us: https://www.askuity.com/careers