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June Event at Rombit

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Dries V. and 2 others


Dear members,

For our June event and our last meetup before the summer break, we'll be visiting the offices of Rombit again!

Rombit is so kind to provide us with drinks and pizza! 🍕

We already have one talk lined up for you. Maarten Van Hoof will be talking about "OpenAPI loves Front-end". A second talk will be announced soon.

We hope to see you soon,

Dries, Rias & Freek

PS: Please remember to change your RSVP if you cannot attend.


19:00 Doors Open
20:00 Start Talks


OpenAPI loves Front-end by Maarten Van Hoof

As a front end developer, building projects with RESTful API dependencies ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. Security implications, parallel development, time or budget restrictions for writing documentation, …, in an enterprise you might not always have the ability to rely on your RESTful API dependencies for development, let alone for an automated testing environment. The OpenAPI ecosystem offers us solutions in the form of virtually complete independence from a REST API during development and testing. Maarten will guide you through a high-level overview of what the OpenAPI spec. is, but most of all, show you how it can benefit front end development by doing lots of work for you.

Speaker: If I say 'Use', you say 'the Platform' ! Together with his fellow front end developers, Maarten raises iO's HTML, JavaScript and CSS bar to a whole new level. With tools such as Vue.js, Nuxt.js and OpenAPI and many others in his proverbial tool belt, he builds modern web projects that excel in speed and usability. Next to grinding keys, he's also a passionate tattler about how Open Source software should get more recognition, as it is the cornerstone of our current-day digital society.

Length: 30min

Api integration engineering by Tom De Bièvre

When you are developing a SaaS solution, you’ll probably run into some kind of integration with a 3rd party tool. Whether it’s required to make your solution more complete, or to help reel in a customer that wants to integrate their own tool with yours, having an easy way to integrate with 3rd party tools will always give your tool the edge over others. Unless an SDK is available, you’ll be looking at days of work building your own implementation. Since every api potentially has other specifications/token handling/…, it’s hard to make a universal adaptor. I propose an object oriented solution & architectural way that is adaptable for any api in any format (REST/SOAP/…) and I will show its strengths within a real world use case.

Speaker: Tom is a Master in the AI from KU Leuven and a senior developer with years of hands on experience in data management, manipulation and API integrations on a large scale.

Length: 30min

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