February Event at Intracto Antwerpen

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The entrance is the building with the giant 64 in front. We're on the third floor and you can take the elevator. Signs will guide you to the location.

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Dear members,

For our February meetup we'll be visiting Intracto at the WAW building in Antwerp. We have three talks lined up for you. Joeri Claes will be talking about "Creating immersive 3D experiences in the browser", Tom Bruyneel will talk about "The place of webassembly in full-stack development" and Pieter Helsen will give his "Home Assistant for a Smarter Home" talk.

Intracto is so kind to provide pizza and drinks for this evening!

We hope to see you soon,

Dries & Rias

PS: Please remember to change your RSVP if you cannot attend.


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19:00 Doors
20:00 Talks


Intracto Talks by Joeri Claes & Tom Bruyneel

Creating immersive 3D experiences in the browser by Joeri Claes (30 min.)

In this talk we will take a deep-dive into 3D graphics on the web. We will examine what it takes to create 3D experiences like online configurators and games. We will highlight a few case studies and share some best practices to start creating these applications on your own. All of this is possible by using the computer's GPU and JavaScript.

Speaker: Joeri is a front-end developer working at Intracto. He is specialised in creating immersive 3D experiences with webGL and three.js.

The place of webassembly in full-stack development by Tom Bruyneel (30 min.)

In this talk we look at the why and how of webassembly. We will start with some history and explore why webassembly is needed in a modern browser through some practical examples. This will highlight how webassembly works, where it shines, how you can get started with compiling code to WASM and moreover how it compares to javascript in both performance and ease of use. After this we look at the future of webassembly and its place in full-stack development and single-page frontend applications. While webassembly has been around for some time now, its use up till now mainly consisted of porting game engines and other CPU intensive algorithms. Recently new frameworks have emerged that open up webassembly to a wider public.

Speaker: When still a child, my father gave me a written off Commodore 64 instead of a gameboy. Trying to improve the limited number of games on the system sparked my interest in programming, and starting with BASIC I quickly moved on to Turbo Pascal, C and eventually C++. Years later I graduated as an electronics engineer, having learned to program at the lowest level possible, the structure of the chip itself. Nowadays, I develop mostly in high level languages and cross platform frameworks. However I still occasionally like to dabble with the lower level languages and machine code optimization. WASM enables me to combine both worlds.

Length: 60min

Home Assistant for a Smarter Home by Pieter Helsen

February 2019 I was still knee deep in renovating my home. February 2020 is proving to be different entirely. After rebuilding my home from the ground up with automation in mind, I'm able to give you an overview of what's possible and how to go about it. While there are many Home Automation systems, Home Assistant is one of the more popular systems out there.

During this talk, I'll show you how to set up Home Assistant, how to quickly install integrations and how to use automations to automate your home.

Speaker: From the first computer-controlled lamp I programmed nearly 20 years ago, Home Automation has always been a field of interest for me. We've come a long way since then, but I still feel Home Automation could be improved upon a lot. My focus lies on ease of use and interoperability.

Length: 30min