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April Full Stack Meetup - Season 04 Episode 03 - Craft Edition

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Müszi - Művelődési Szint

1085 Budapest Blaha Lujza tér 1. · Budapest

How to find us

Muszi is located at the 3rd floor of "Corvin Áruház" on "Blaha Lujza tér", Entrance is through the big green door (with Muszi logo) from Somogyi Bela (left side of mall) street. You may ring the bell if door is closed.

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I'm happy to announce our april Full Stack Meetup, which is 2nd exceptional event in our life.

This year we joined again to Meetup Evening as a warmup event for Craft Conference. Hence this event is a great opportunity for anybody to meet two world-known speakers Craft speakers who can not attend the conference.

This meetup is an english speaking event.

Our first speaker is Alvaro Videla (@old_sound ( The title of his presentation is "Harmful GOTOs, Premature Optimizations, and Programming Myths are the Root of all Evil". The brief abstract of his talk: "This talk is a discussion of the paper Structured Programming with Go To Statements by Donald Knuth, in which some programming myths that populate our industry are reviewed.
Maxims like "Go To Considered Harmful" or "Premature optimization is the root of all evil" are revisited and analyzed in context, both in the paper in which they appeared, and by further comments made by the authors, which are usually ignored. At the same time a glimpse is given about what was the computer industry back in 1974, the year Knuth's paper was published, in order to better understand the concerns of the author in his paper.
At the end we try to analyze the current state of our industry, specifically around what has been dubbed "Buzzword Oriented Programming", the attitude of judging the merit of technologies based on blog post titles, or the 140 characters of a tweet."

Next speaker is Simon Brown (@simonbrown ( and his talk title is "Software architecture as code" and synopsis of his topic is "Referring to higher level abstractions when we talk about our software. You've probably heard others on your team talking about components, services and layers rather than objects when they're having discussions. Take a look at the codebase though. Can you clearly see these abstractions or does the code reflect some other structure? If so, why is there no clear mapping between the architecture and the code? Why do those architecture diagrams that you have on the wall say one thing whereas your code says another? In fact, why is it so hard to automatically generate a decent architecture diagram from an existing codebase? Join us to explore this topic further."

This meetup is brought to you by BalaBit IT Security and Craft Conf Crew. Thanks for all the fish!