February Event at Code d'Or

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Dear members,

For our February event we are returning to Code d'Or. We already have one speaker for you. Zvonimir Spajic will be giving his talk "Understanding Git".

We hope to see you soon,

Dries & Rias

PS: Please remember to change your RSVP if you cannot attend.


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19:00 Doors Open
20:00 Start Talks


Understanding Git by Zvonimir Spajic

Git is a standard tool for version control these days so we all use it daily. And we all understand it. Or do we? Well...

Let's face it - git is hard. And the main reason it is hard is because it's UI is full of leaky abstractions. That is why in order to get comfortable with git you need to gain some understanding of how git works "under the hood".

In this talk we do just that - "open" git's hood and take a look at what happens there when we do our daily operations.

Speaker: Zvonimir is a passionate software developer coming from Croatia but with current base in Berlin, Germany. Don't ask him anything in German yet though, he's still working on his sprachen-skills.

As a developer, he is highly interested in software architecture and ‘getting it right’. Outside work, he likes to keep his mind sharp and body strong by doing different recreational sports. Zvone enjoys reading a good book, listening to all sorts of music and chillin' with his dogs.

Length: 30min