October Meetup at Dropsolid

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Dear meetup members,

For our October event we're visiting the offices of Dropsolid. We have two talks lined up for you. Pepijn De Wachter will be speaking about "Eager loading dynamic relationships in Laravel" and Gert de Pagter will speak about "Finding bugs in seconds".

There won't be food so it's best that you eat something before you head to the event.

We hope to see you soon,

Dries & Rias

PS: Please remember to change your RSVP if you cannot attend.


19:00 Doors
20:00 Talks


Eager loading dynamic relationships in Laravel by Pepijn De Wachter

When the app calls for the user to define their own lists, with contents, and attach them to other users, but you don't want to deal with creating and deleting on-demand tables in your database, you just put all the lists in one table, and all the list items in another, then just a pivot table for attaching the list items to a user!

Problem solved, right? You've got foreign key constraints, nothing can go wrong!

I discovered that it's not all that easy though, but I'll explain my problem and how I solved it, all it needed was some automagic.

Speaker: Pepijn got bitten by the programming bug at the age of 14 when he got his sister's old TI-84 calculator he needed for school and read the programming part in the booklet, an attempt at recreating snake without knowing much about garbage collection was "fun".

He then studied IT in highschool and learned functional programming in VB.net, after messing around on his own for a few years after that, his brother called to offer him a job as back-end developer with in house course, 2 year later now, it's just a hobby, something about work-family-me 'balance'...

Length: 45min

Finding bugs in seconds by Gert de Pagter

As projects grow in size and complexity, it can be easy to get lost in your own code base. What is in the array that this method returns? Do i need to call a setter before i can really use this object? Is the doc block still correct? Today, we're going to find out. And the best part? It's only gonna take a few seconds to do so.

In this talk we'll explore the static analysis tools that answer these questions for us. We'll also use these tools to add new functionality, like read only properties, and generics, to PHP, without the need for a new language.

Speaker: Gert is a software engineer at Ibuildings, and spends his free time working on open source projects. He is passionate about writing high quality software, and wants to inspire others to write the cleanest code possible. When not working on code he likes to make long walks or watch movies.

Length: 45min