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#FullStackPDX : Code Critique


What does code critique mean?

Just like fight club, if this is your first night attending, you have to present.

Presentations will be shared on the big screen or glass white board and will be limited to 10 - 30 minutes. Discussing your startup, recent project, code reviews, business ideas, etc. are all applicable. This can be a live prototype or even a set of powerpoint slides. You do not have to know how to code to present your dream idea. We are here to help you. Presentations are meant to be collaborative, not the traditional meetup style where a presenter talks like a teach for a very long time and saves questions for the end. We use a timer and the present group dynamic works to collaboratively prevent cross talk and side conversations. So bring your computer, fun spirit and desire to learn, and let's have fun. If you do not have a computer we have a white board!

Signups through are required and we are capped at 17 people due to the space. 100% of the revenue received will be queued up for future hack nights.

We will have top shelf pizza from 10 Barrel Brewing ( so come HUNGRY for dinner!!

Doors open at 6pm and we kick off on time. We start consuming the pizza at 6pm as well. After the concert of presentations we will walk over to Bailey's Taproom ( to continue the evening.

Thank you to Gathrly ( for hosting us this month as our new space will not be ready until August. Also, per the announcement at the last meeting we will be adjusting our meetup prices to cover meetup expenses, and our amazing food. As we move towards our goal of $5.03, the PDX area code we all love, we are adjusting this meetup to $3.00.

Also, if you have not seen the announcement ( went live and was first announced at FullstackPDX by Bryan Erickson!!

220 NW 8th Ave · Portland, OR
0 spots left