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Please comment if you still look at these meetup posts and are interested in participating. So far we are the ONLY formally tobacco-free meetup . (Although admittedly, in the last year I have only very rarely ecountered anyone smoking at a meetup. ( soooo-Please comment to let me know that you are out there and it is worth my time writing meetup announcements! Thanks! Hillary

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Notice 1: This group was formerly Sagamihara City Connection. It is now a non-smokers only group. No exceptions!

Notice 2 : It is highly recommended that you have sufficient Japanese language skills to be able to order food from a Japanese menu and and to be able to navigate the trains independently." The focus of the group is on residents, not visitors. Members are welcome to bring visitors as guests.


We've expanded the group to include the Odakyu line from Shinyurigaoka down to Shibusawa and anyplace that can be reached in a reasonable amount of time from Ebina. Do you live somewhere "in this neck of the woods", and love Kanagawa because of the views, the clean air, the delicious water, the excellent quirky little restaurants, the low prices, the free galleries and the relaxed pace in uncrowded, wide-open spaces? Would you like to explore cool places with people who share these interests, do a little sketching, do something to preserve the environment, not spend a fortune (this Meetup is NOT a business), and return home in less than an hour?

At our planning meeting we talked about arranging activities that included this "fun" : 1-art galleries and Kanagawa museums, 2-enviromental beach clean-ups, 2-short hikes in Atsugi and Tanzawa, 4-cooking lessons held in member's homes 5-pot luck meals 6-movie theatres or DVD's at home 7-group aerobic exercise "such as someone's dance DVD) 7-learning a new (or old) language 8-civic activities 9-flash mobs! (a kind of performance art for the not extremely talented) 10-book swaps 11-amazing stories swaps 12-shopping (Where are the bargains?-or explore Tokyo Hands together) 13- karoke (no singing ability required) 14-fruit picking (mikan, strawberries buleberries) 15- onsens 16- board games 17- jigsaw puzzles and knitting! (Okay, we know that not everyone wants to knit. But some of us do!) 18-blossom and fall foliage viewing and picnicing! 19-healthy eating and sharing info on where to buy ingrediants 20-affordable, interesting restaurants 21-meetups in Tokyo (We'll take the long -train riide together) 22- exploring Hakone (less than 30 minutes form Shibuzawa) or Izu (snorkeling in the summer) 23-Enoshima beach and island

We had even more ideas, but wanted to save our energy for actually doing some of these! More suggestions are welcome!

Any member who wishes to organize an event should contact Hillary, so she can designate you as an co-organizer on the website. You will then be able to post the event with RSVP features.

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