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Mockito + Akka http & streams + FREE BEERS + Snacks + Networking


Using Mockito to mock dependencies in your Scala test. Trolololo \_(ツ)_/¯”

Abstact: Scala runs on the JVM. It allows to use existing Java ecosystem in your green-field project. This might be an advantage, however that it’s not always the case.This is going to be a short, but dreadful and horrifying story of a young, confused developer (let’s call him Jimmy)trying to apply his TDD skills in a new project. He will use Scala. He will mock dependencies with Mockito. He is not yet aware of the problems ahead.We will follow our developer in a journey towards sanity.

Fear not, this story has a happy end.

Can we write tests using Mockito in Scala? The more important question is: should we even have to? But let’s not spoil the fun, please let tell Jimmy tell his story.

Speaker: Marek Kliś, Scalac (https://scalac.io)

Networking break

Akka http & streams

During this talk you'll learn why Akka HTTP is the hottest Scala REST toolkit. It's not gonna be a HelloWorld-type tutorial but rather a practical introduction to key concepts and presentation of Akka HTTP's capabilities. I'll share my impressions from day-to-day work with Akka HTTP toolkit and I'll highlight some of its pros and cons. Beginners will hopefully learn some solid foundations to dive deeper into Akka HTTP and more advanced users will build up their knowledge.

Łukasz Sowa (http://luksow.com/), co-founder of Iterators (https://iterato.rs/), Scala Developer

Łukasz is a co-founder and Scala developer at Iterators - Scala consulting company. He specializes in highly concurrent and distributed systems, recently very interested in microservices. He loves functional programming paradigm and Scala in particular. He organizes ScalaWAW - monthly Scala hackathons in Warsaw. Sporadic blogger, pizza lover, football addict and newbie microbrewer.

Looking forward to meet you guys!