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What we’re about

This group is an opportunity for people to share their ideas, dreams, and experiences about becoming an expat. Maybe you want to talk to some folks who have lived outside the US before making plans yourself. Maybe you have a dream of living in a different country for a while. Maybe your work is asking you if you would like to join another office in another country.

My name is Christopher, and I am a former expat who lived in Spain for two years from 2013-2015, and moved back to Spain in October 2021. Let's talk about the expat experience from all angles: BEFORE moving to another country, DURING an expat experience, and AFTER the expat experience is over.

Whatever your interests for moving, this group welcomes positive, like-minded folks who want to share ideas and discuss expat living. If you're interested in hosting a get-together, or co-organizing this group, then let me know!

Some of our group handouts and recordings are here:

Contact me directly if you would like to sponsor an event or contribute to the group.