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#### Are you through with negative discussions about the future? Let us start afresh!

Future Based is an interdisciplinary philosophy platform that is not fettered to time and space, where collaborations arise, encounters take place and projects are initiated. We work together with partners, are hired as curators, programme makers, or function as a catalyst to bring into practice great ideas. Sometimes we do one-off collaborations like meetups, and we occasionally have long-term schemes, but Future Based’s network of curious minds will always be our point of departure.
The main themes of 2021-2024, around which our program evolves: (Expansion of) Consciousness, Scientific Imagination, Scale, Time, Things that are.

Perhaps it’s something of all times…. to think we are on a turning point, but it seems that there are so many writings on the wall we can’t ignore that indeed we are, due to technology, living on the border of a paradigm shift. In our belief, our world perspective will change dramatically in the coming twenty years. It’s just that we sometimes can’t see clearly what is right under our collective nose: our world isn’t only changing, it is changing faster than ever.

Nevertheless, there is a tendency to forget the importance of reflecting on how the world is changing, and in particular what the consequences of these changes might be. In this perspective, we engage philosophy as a tool and use it to question the status quo and the established frameworks we tend to believe in so dearly.

Asking questions can provide access into gaining insight. And as paradoxical as it might sound, by allowing for speculative futures and imagining alternatives, we make space for fresh notions of both ourselves and the world: Familiarizing ourselves with the future grants access to a better understanding of the Now. But in many areas, too few questions are asked, or a subject is merely discussed unilaterally. Future Based organizes discussions with experts in their field to ask critical questions. Not to necessarily find straight answers, but to formulate more specific questions, and to foster a deeper understanding of the world we live in. After all, the world is constantly changing.

### An interdisciplinary philosophy platform

Why did we opt for an interdisciplinary approach? Interdisciplinary research allows for a synthesis of ideas that integrates characteristics from different disciplines. At Future Based, we believe in interdisciplinary studies—beyond the buzz. We believe in expertise, yet by asking questions about the established frameworks of ones own expertise, become better traders of interdisciplinary knowledge. We see the crossing of borders between disciplines as highly potent spaces, but we are equally interested in analysing the pitfalls of interdisciplinary projects:
It is common to come across a theme that is relevant to, for instance, the fields of literature, art, and history, or a subject of inquiry that concerns both science and mathematics.

And yet, it is rare to find models of research that fully incorporate such varying disciplines. The question that remains, is what form of interdisciplinary studies can really intertwine divergent disciplines and allow for a truly reciprocal exchange? What are the difficulties? And how can differences be overcome to make way for common ground between disciplines? How do you become a better interdisciplinary trader? How can you use your expertise, but at the simultaneously learn and apply knowledge from a different discipline? Here again, philosophy functions as a tool to think critically about the established frameworks and thought processes that govern different disciplines.

Studying topics thematically is an ideal way to bring a variety of ideas and approaches together, which can result in inspiration, new perspectives and meaningful learning. With this in mind, Future Based has selected a number of themes that can be viewed from different angles, which will form the roots of our projects. Various topics that fall within the overarching themes will be discussed from different perspectives in reading groups, performances, exhibitions and meetings.
These topics will be addressed from fields of study that range from the natural sciences and philosophy to art, technology and economics. For each meet-up, a different topic from one of the themes will be highlighted. We will engage in discussions with academics, field specialists and experiential experts. And since Future Based is not location-bound, this can happen literally anywhere.

For more information, tickets and our community, visit: Futurebased.org

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Time Capsule Event 2032 (Yes, 2032)

Needs a location

Yes, you got that right: This event takes place on 6 March, 2032. Don't have any plans that day? Then join us!

Ticketlink: https://www.eventbrite.nl/manage/events/380879419597/

During this meetup, we will unpack the time-capsule ‘Anticipated Futures’ contributions gathered in 2022, in collaboration with Lilian de Jong.

Up to and including September 2022, Future Based collects time capsule contributions with positive stories about the Future. For contributions, take a look here. These contributions become part of the time capsule zine and will be highlighted during the two meetups. Summarizing, the time capsule presentation consists of three parts:

  • The publication of a zine with the contributions (gathered in 2022.)
  • A time capsule meeting in November 2022 (location: Netherlands, Nijmegen or Amsterdam. Tickets online in October.)
  • A time capsule presentation – recap – on March 6, 2032. (location: Netherlands and online.)

Future Based is a non-commercial and non-funded independent philosophy platform. As cool as this sounds, it sometimes means we need a little help of our community to make cool stuff happen.

By purchasing an early-bird ticket, you support this project and make the publication of the zine and the two gatherings possible. Moreover, this is a real ticket which means you have the option to reserve a seat (schedule/ form is subject to change), and you will receive the time capsule zine with positive stories about the future around December. A crowdfunding on Kickstarter will start in September to make possible the publication of the zine and the meetups.

We will reach out to you for additional information: Address to send the zine to and if you want to reserve a seat for 2032.

Please note: No refund possible.

## About the time-capsule project:

Creating a time capsule is a form of time travel. Imagine a future where the world is blooming and blossoming, what does it look like, feel like, smell like, sound like? We invite you to shape the future history of the world with us.

It’s easy to see how current world problems might lead to collapse, it’s more daring and difficult to imagine a scenario where it might all turn out for the better. A possible future that can inspire us through times ahead and open us up to opportunities. Change is inevitable, it is the strongest force in the universe. It is up to us to use it for good, to accept it and adapt to it. With the time capsule we imagine a world that might look like science fiction, but who knows, looking back after 10 years, it might have been science fiction without fictional futures.

## Can you read the future? Join our Time Capsule Project:

Imagine a future where the world is flourishing, where society is thriving. How do we live, work, eat, love? What technological advancements have greatly improved our life? How did we take on climate change? What role do arts and culture have? What do our laws, education system, government look like? Are we traveling in space?

How does the Future smell? What color does the Future have? Pick one or all of these aspects, or choose a different one of your own preference. Next, write down, record a voice memo, a video, draw something, create a scrapbook, or anything how you think it will evolve into the future. It doesn’t have to be very big, or very long. Maybe the future is just one word.

Submit your scenario to [masked]. Or send it in via the form below.

# On behalf of the Future, thank you!


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