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Creating an Automated Spark Development Environment with Analysis and Logging

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Future of D. and Mark S.


In this meetup, we’re going to put ourselves in the shoes of a Data Engineer tasked by the State of Texas to create processes that extract, transform, and load publicly accessible financial data from the Paycheck Protection Program. This data can then be used in order to create reports that state elected officials can use to make decisions. We’ll also go over how you can leverage CLI tools to create a system in which you can continuously deploy your newly developed Spark jobs through some automation scripts, saving huge amounts of development and deployment time. At the end we’ll even take a look at the finished result of our reports!

Come join us to see this example of the new Data Engineering Experience in action and hopefully inspire similar solutions of your own!

For a preview of the content we'll be covering, we've got the following resources:




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Due to the ongoing situation of the pandemic, this will be an online event.

Update Mon Oct 5 6:22 PM CDT 2020
The online event link can now be found to the right under "online event".
Online event
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