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CDP on Azure - Industrial Strength Data Engineering

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CDP on Azure - Industrial Strength Data Engineering


Data Engineering is undergoing a huge evolution requiring faster and more reliable data pipelines. Apache Spark and Python are core foundational components of this new architecture enabling data engineers to quickly develop these pipelines. They also introduce challenges when moving to production.

Come join us as we:
- Dive into operationalizing data engineering pipelines using "Spark as a - Service" to make these tasks more efficient and economical.
- Look at how Apache Airflow manages these jobs
- Explore ways to monitor and optimize data engineering in production.

Ask questions and learn. We will also have a raffle of Cloudera swag.

This is still a tricky time for public gatherings, but Future of Data is committed to providing great tech content & facilitating discussions in the "Big Data" space. In order to do our part to fight the spread of COVID-19's delta variant, this will be an exclusively online event with an originating Time Zone of EDT (the event time displayed on this page will reflect the equivalent local time). We thought it might be of interest to our wider membership (you are welcome to sign up for it here).
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