Sentiment Analysis using The Simpsons: Who is the happiest Simpsons character?

Future of Data: London
Future of Data: London
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The field of sentiment analysis and natural language processing (NLP) in general has had a boost in interest with new techniques that have come from the progress made with neural networks and deep learning. In this demo I will show you how to build a sentiment prediction model using the dialogue for the Simpsons TV show. The demo is built using a combination of R, Spark (Sparklyr + SparkNLP) and a BERT model. And you will find out who the happiest Simpsons' character is. Hint: It's not Ned Flanders.

Agenda (all times in GMT)

15:00 Welcome and Announcements
15:05 Introductions and Agenda
15:10 Jeff Fletcher: Sentiment Analysis using The Simpsons
15:35 Q&A
15:50 Raffle of door prizes (must be present and participating to win)
15:55 Preview of upcoming Meetups, concluding remarks

Due to the ongoing nature of the coronavirus pandemic, this will be an online event. The URL to participate in the webcast will be provided here, on this page, to registrants.

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