Deep Learning with DeepLearning4J (DL4J)



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Deep Learning with DeepLearning4J (DL4J)

with Ari Kamlani

Ari Kamlani is a Data Scientist and Technology Strategist & Advisor, currently employed as a Deep Learning Consultant with Skymind and Technologist in Residence (TIR) with Techstars IoT. Previously a Data Scientist & Engineering Consultant at Otto (Tyto) for the Connected Home and Research Assistant at Inria Research Institute per Spatio-Temporal patterns in Computer Vision. Furthermore, he had a long career in the Embedded and Wireless Technology domain for a variety of Innovation Teams and Technology Companies.

Meetup Technical Session:

DeepLearning4J (Deep Learning for Java - DL4J, inception 2013) was specifically designed with Enterprise and Production in mind, as a first-class citizen to the JVM. Skymind develops and maintains the complete DL4J stack and the abstraction for Scala (ScalNet) with a focal point on scalability and vendor integrations.

This session will be a variant of the tutorial held earlier this year at the Cognitive Frameworks Festival (CFF) in SF. It will also be a precursor to our upcoming training session Deep Learning Paths to Production with Keras and DL4J, to be held on Oct 30th/31rst in NYC.

The intended audience would ideally have some prior knowledge and exposure to other Machine Learning (ML) and/or Deep Learning (DL) Frameworks, particularly those with Python language bindings, and would like to understand the usage and migration to DL4J in the Enterprise.

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