Future of Data: Real Time Stream Processing with Apache Flink


Hi fellow Data Enthusiasts,

After the summer break, the Hadoop User Group is back as the Future of Data Meetup. The purpose of this Meetup is (and always was) to bring together the community in the open source, Apache projects and data.

This time we will have an exciting talk of Andrey Zagrebin who is working as an engineer on the Apache Flink project. Apache Flink is a realtime stream processing engine which is distributed, stateful and fault tolerant. Andrey will give us an overview on Apache Flink, news and updates and will be available the whole evening for questions.

As always there'll be a networking part with pizza and beer. This time the pizza and beer is sponsored by Data Artisans.

Thanks to the Unbelievable Machine Company, who will sponsor the venue: "Brains and Bodies CoWorking".

* 18:00 Doors open
* 18:30 Introduction to Apache Flink, Andrey Zagrebin.
* 19:15 Apache Flink in action – stream processing of mobile networks, Milos Molnar and Peter Belko
* 19:45 Pizza + Beer + Networking sponsored by Data Artisans

Andrey Zagrebin
Andrey is a software engineer at Data Artisans, where he works on the Apache Flink open source project.
Andrey's main focus areas currently are the Flink deployment, distributed scheduling and state storage backends.
Andrey is highly experienced in developing pipelines for distributed event processing, analytics and data warehousing in the online retail, as well as in the telecommunications sector.

Milos Molnar
Milos Molnar is Big Data architect and COE of trivia data with more than 20 years in IT. During the last 5 years he focused on distributed systems and data processing within distributed systems like Apache Hadoop or Apache Kafka. Together with his team, Milos builds data applications for batch focused cases (data-at-rest) as well as streaming applications for processing data-in-motion.

Peter Belko
Peter Belko is more than 10 years working in software development. He is fond of functional programming (Scala) and highly experienced with stream data processing. He is leading the development department at trivia data.

Future of Data Meetup
If you want to host or sponsor a "Future of Data Vienna" session or give an interesting talk about a data problem and how you solved it using open source software, drop me a message (sdunkler AT hortonworks DOT com)!