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I have had the privilege of participating in a couple of the Gaia TV member gatherings. At this last event which was absolutely beautiful, many of us talked about creating a group to connect the Gaia TV members more frequently since many of us find it challenging to connect with others on these amazing topics. This group is for any and all people who have an interest in topics related to Gaia TV or the esoteric. Topics include disclosure, ascension, secret space programs, ancient wisdom, raising our vibration, conscious awareness, parallel universes, all things metaphysical, etc. Whether you are a Gaia TV member or not you are welcome to join this group. The intention is to gather like minded people for viewing parties, potluck gatherings, conversation and community. Ideally the locations for our gatherings will rotate depending on who can host an event or whether we meet at a public place. We welcome your input and collaboration!

Events we are looking to create include:

Gaia program, movie or series watching

Non Gaia film night

The Secret Space Program and disclosure

Law of attraction and Abraham Hicks


Sacred geometry

Remote viewing, Gerald O'Donnell's work and others

NESARA and the monetary revaluation

Techniques to raise our vibration

Pineal Gland health (anti-fluoride tips)

Arts and Crafts --- orgonite for radio frequency -- Pyramid building-

Window Gardening tips


Discussion Groups - topics can include health and psychic healing to metaphysics, paranormal, psychic healing, quantum physics, multidimensionality, channeled messages and on and on 😉

Potlucks - connection and comraderie

Brunch/Coffee get togethers

Sharing Metaphysical Knowledge and experiences

Promote community service activities such as Boulder Food Rescue and getting actively involved in service to other opportunities. (I currently am seeking a hair cutter for an organization I'm working with in Longmont)

Meditation and Healing Groups



Meeting at local outdoor venues such as lakes, parks etc

Farmers Markets

Craft and comedy venues

Star Gazing UFO watching nights at known good locations

Organizing meetups for local events speakers related to the community such as Mufon events

If any of these things appeal to you, please join our group. If you can host one of these events or have ideas for events, we welcome your input.

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