• Game Developer Symposium 10.0
    We've been invited by Sheppard Mullin DC to attend Game Develop Symposium 10.0 (https://www.sheppardmullin.com/newsroom-events-1200.html). The evening event will focus on practical tips that game developers should know to get their game idea to market. Speakers include: Catherine Swanwick, CEO of Catlilli Games. Catherine has developed a number of educational games, which she has commercialized, and for which she has won a number of awards. She is in talks to license her games to major publishers. She will provide practical advice on her experiences and what other game devs should know. CatLilli is currently one of the companies in the VSGI, a serious games-focused accelerator associated with George Mason University. James Casey, Associate Director of the VSGI and game design professor at GMU. James has extensive game development experience with some blockbuster games. He will speak about the benefits of working with an accelerator such as VSGI and offer practical tips to developers as well. James Gatto, Partner and Social Media and Games Industry Team Leader at Sheppard Mullin. He represents some of the industry's biggest companies, developers, and insiders. He will talk a bit about some practical advice for game developers to go from idea to commercialization, as gleaned from his vast experiences, observations, and connections. BE SURE TO REGISTER IN ADVACE - LIMITED SEATING! To register for this event, please contact Chelsea Ross at [masked] .

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  • Robbie Bach with his new book XBox Revisited
    I just signed up for this and thought that after all this time of not gathering, perhaps this was a great opportunity. You MUST register independently at this site: http://bipartisanpolicy.org/events/back-in-session-reception-featuring-robbie-bach-co-hosted-with-the-entertainment-software-association-and-microsoft/ Attendance is free. I look forward to seeing you there! Limor

    Bipartisan Policy Center

    1225 I St Nw Ste 1000 · Washington

  • Brainstorming with USAID & Holiday Celebration - Next Tues 12/4
    Hello everyone, We have not gathered since February of this year. Busy-ness with a number of things including DCGames has kept me from providing you with fun gatherings. I am hopeful, however, that you will join us for this one. It will be quite fascinating and I hope fun as well. USAID is developing a game for Jordanian youth to inspire civic engagement through a city building game. Here is some more information from USAID: The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is the federal agency responsible for providing humanitarian and development assistance to countries worldwide that are need of support. USAID has staff in more than 100 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe and Eurasia. USAID works in a range of development areas including disaster assistance, health, education, economic growth, conflict management and mitigation, and democracy, human rights, and governance, among others. More information on USAID can be found at: http://www.usaid.gov . During the past few years, a team of USAID staff has been exploring how the Agency can use serious games as a tool to complement their international development efforts, particularly their work with youth. This team, which represents multiple sectors, is currently overseeing a serious gaming pilot program that is focused initially on Jordan. The first game that is being developed is a facebook citybuilding game focused on strengthening Jordanian youth's civic engagement and systems thinking skills. If the pilot is successful, they will expand the program to other countries in the Middle East and beyond. The USAID team is interested in meeting with the DC Gaming Group ??? to benefit from our expertise in gaming and to get feedback from us on the current pilot project. They have encountered some implementation challenges and have requested our feedback. They met with us a couple years back and had indicated they were extremely impressed and would love to establish a connection with group. One potential option could be to consider us an informal advisory group on the project.. They have a preliminary game design and are contemplating whether to go down the Facebook or mobile app path. They are interested in hearing your expert opinions on both these elements. We will have some holiday goodies. Feel free to bring something if you wish. We cannot have alcohol in the building, but other beverages will be provided. Details of how to enter building: Come to the 14th street entrance of the Ronald Reagan Building. When you enter the building they will have to go through a security check. Ten go to their left and go to USAID's Security Desk (lobby). Go through USAID's security check. People should congregate there and Maryanne will come downstairs to escort them (this is all on the first floor of the building). If you come via metro, come out of the metro, go up two escalators to the large courtyard (where the Aria restaurant is). This is on the 13th Street side of the Ronald Reagan Building. The main entrance to the building is likely to be closed after 7pm, but they can go to their right (north towards Pennsylvania) and there will be another entrance to the RRB behind the Aria restaurant. You will need to go through the building's security check and walk to the other end of the building (14th street) where the USAID desk is. Ask the guards if they need assistance. Hope to see y'all on Tuesday! Limor


    1300 Pennsyvania Ave NW · Washington, DC

  • DC Games Festival 2012 for Outdoor/Urban/Pervasive Games
    Saturday, September 1, 2012 is Big Games Day in Washington DC Join us for this year's outdoor game festival hosted by DCGames (http://www.dcgam.es), bringing you games from designers across the United States. Outdoor games or Urban games are games which can be played away from a desktop, laptop or console. Dare I say it, they are usually out of doors (shocker) and they can be played with our without digital technology. We have an exciting host of games already selected and more to come. To get all the details visit the DCGames (http://dcgam.es) website. So bring your friends, your family and spread the word for this year's festival. We need volunteers - please visit this page (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvWbHvD-FSFPdEY2NzlrLTk0R0hpNkRUaURqX2xVR3c) to register and tell us when you may be available. Also, stay tuned through our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/DCGamesFest) and follow us on Twitter @DCGamesFest. We are hosting game gatherings and workshops throughout the year. We also can't do all this without you, so if you want to volunteer on September 1, send us word at [masked]. If you have games you want to playtest, write to us. Have a topic to discuss, write to us. And one more thing - we are an all volunteer, not for profit group (in process of filing for the tax exemption). And we need to pay for certain goods and services to help produce these gatherings. Please go to our eventbrite site (http://dcgamesfest2012.eventbrite.com/) to tell us if you can join and to support the DCGames Festival on September 1st as well as other gatherings to be held throughout the year. Cheers! Limor

    West Potomac Park

    - Intersection of Ohio Dr. &West Basin Dr. · Washington, DC

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  • IGDA-DC Meeting TONIGHT on Gov Game Development
    Please join the IGDA-DC tonight at 6:30pm for a talk on government development of games. It will be an exciting meeting featuring a panel consisting of government and small business representatives discussing the goals and procedures for developing serious games!


    1055 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW · Washington DC, DC

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  • Games Gateway Info: Games For Change Conference Award Submission
    This message just in from Games for Change - hope to see several submissions from our Games Gateway Community! Do you have what it takes to win Game of the Year? The submission process has just opened for the 3rd Annual Games for Change Awards. Of note for this year... new categories! 2012 Award Categories include: Most Significant Impact Most Innovative Game Best Gameplay Knight News Game and... Game of the Year Qualifying "games for change" must have a release date following May 1, 2011. All awards are competitive, and every submission will be considered for each category (with the exception of the Knight News Game Award). As "games for change" is a young field, we periodically re-visit the categories and criteria of the awards. The award categories for 2012 have been developed in consultation with our Board of Advisors and survey feedback from last year. We hope that our competitive categories for 2012 better recognize the best attributes of "games for change." Deadline to submit your entry: Friday, March 23 at 11:59 PM EST For complete criteria and to submit: CLICK HERE (http://gamesforchange.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=aa9b4edf4a633020c94db2c88&id=e0c7fe56cc&e=12649d3e64) Nominees will be announced on Friday, May 11. Each nominated game will receive two complimentary Games for Change Festival accreditations. Registration is now open Take advantage of early bird prices by April 20 before they go up by 30%. To register: CLICK HERE (http://gamesforchange.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=aa9b4edf4a633020c94db2c88&id=bac2970825&e=12649d3e64)

    Games For Change

    78 5th Avenue, 5th Floor · New York, NY

  • Games Gateway Info: DCGames Holding Develop a Game Gathering
    Interested in designing your own games? Pressure from your boss to apply “gamification” to your next project? Wondering what all the hullabaloo and rigmarole is?? Join this workshop to design a game and find out! In this workshop, we’re going to take a careful look at how to use game mechanics to address issues you are already working on using Grow-a-game. This workshop is the first in an introduction to game design series that will continue through Spring 2012. Agenda: 1:00 pm: Introduction 1:20 pm: Grow A Game game design exercise 2:50 pm: Break 3:00 pm: Play test the games designed 3:30 pm: Debrief – talk about how we can build the community in DC and brainstorm how your organization could use games in its work 4:00 pm: Conclude What You Should Bring - Yourself (and preferably your creative mind too) - Two or three problems in your work involving the community you serve that may improve through creating a game. More information on Grow-a-game here: http://www.tiltfactor.org/grow-a-game Why should you attend? We at DCGam.es are here because we’re interested in exploring how games can improve community and we want everyone to be involved. We see games as the most natural way to merge play and fun with things like education and complex systems. More general info on DCGames at: http://www.dcgam.es/DCGames/ (http://dcgam.es/DCGames/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=25&Itemid=88) And please join our Facebook Page to always receive the latest information: http://www.facebook.com/DCGamesFest

    Affinity Lab

    920 U St · Washington, DC

  • Want A Job in the Gaming World? Join Us To Find Out How To Get One.
    So you want to work in the video games industry. Or your putting together your own company and design team and you want to find the right people. Where do you start the process and what do you do? Join us next Wednesday at 6:30pm at the CDIA for a talk with Mary-Margaret Walker and Ellen Beeman who specialize in video game industry recruitment. For those of you who are joining us remotely - please go to Skype and link to games.gateway. Please do this before the event so we can be as ready to go as possible and you will be able to join the session/I will be able to bring you in. This conversation which will take place both at CDIA (so we can have a fun gathering) and over the web (since both our speakers are based on the West coast and so we can have as many people join us as possible) will cover what you need to do if you are searching for a job, what creds you need, how to get into the business, how to position yourself for your next job in the industry if you are already working in it, where and how to find the jobs, and many other bits of information. Also, if you need to recruit game developers, this talk will also tell you where to go and how to do it. We will start the talk with Mary Margaret and Ellen at 6:45pm and have our social gathering after. Details of how to call in will be made available in the next few days. If you have particular questions you want to be sure they cover, please post them on this meetup site so I can send them on. See you all next week! p.s - light snacks served so bring food if you'll be hungry About our speakers: As CEO of Mary-Margaret Network (http://www.mary-margaret.com/), Mary-Margaret leads the recruitment strategies and new business endeavors for Mary-Margaret Network. She brings to the role over 15 years of experience in recruiting and 6 years of experience in video game development. Prior to moving to recruiting in 1996, Mary-Margaret was Manager of Studio Services for The 3DO Company managing the milestones and development process of all projects in production and the hiring of over 200 employees. Previously, she was at Origin Systems where she created the company’s Human Resources department and contributed to titles in development as a Design Manager. Mary-Margaret is a regular speaker at international trade shows and has authored numerous articles. She was a contributing author to Ernest Adams’ popular book, Break Into The Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games. A founding member of the IGDA, Mary-Margaret holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Christian University and an M.B.A. from Sacred Heart University. Ellen Beeman describes herself as mom, wife, videogame designer and producer, author, gadget geekette, Celtic fiddler, former TV writer and city commissioner, etc. She joined Origin to write and direct games in the Wing Commander series, and has also held salaried positions at Electronics Arts, Monolith, Microsoft, and The Amazing Society. As a freelancer, she worked for Disney, Sega, Leapfrog, Mary-Margaret Network, and other companies. Prior to her games career, Ellen was a children's television writer, and has published four novels and numerous short stories and non-fiction articles. Ellen has been a speaker at the Game Developer Conference, SXSW Interactive, Game Design Expo, and other game industry events. During her tenure with the Mary-Margaret Network, Ellen advised companies on recruitment and mentored game industry talent on career growth and advancement. She is currently on the Professional Advisory Committee for DigiPen's Game Design college program, and also a professional advisor to IADT.

    Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts

    1055 Thomas Jefferson Street NW Classroom 5 · Washington, DC

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  • Games Gateway CHANGE OF DATE: Holiday Play at the National Zoo - TUESDAY NIGHT
    We're on for TONIGHT, Tuesday, December 20th! See you there! Happy Hanuka to those who celebrate the holiday! Hope you will still be able to join us. As prep - please download the SCVNGR app. Please call me at[masked] if you have any questions. I invite you to join us for the Games Gateway Holiday Gathering which will take place December 19th at the National Zoo. With Rachel Meskin, Education Programs Specialist Friends of the National Zoo, as our host we will be enjoying the fun of Zoo Lights while playing the game "A Conservation Carol." Afterwards we will speak with Rachel about what the Zoo is doing with its mobile and Alternative Reality games. And as this is the holiday season, the Zoobar will be open with special holiday drinks. We are able to both buy food there and bring things, so if you want to bring a holiday specialty treat of yours, feel free. I look forward to seeing you all there! Limor C:[masked] p.s.- Feel free to bring friends and family too if you wish!

    National Zoo

    3001 Connecticut Ave NW · Washington, DC

  • Games Gateway Info: GameSec 2011
    The Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (GameSec 2011) (http://www.gamesec-conf.org/) will be held Nov. 14–15 at the University of Maryland campus in College Park. Professor John Baras (http://www.ece.umd.edu/meet/faculty/baras.php3) is the general chair of the conference, which is being sponsored by the Maryland Cybersecurity Center (http://www.cyber.umd.edu/) (MC2), ACM SIGSAC, IEEE CSS, Springer, and ISDG. Description The GameSec conference aims to bring together researchers who aim to establish a theoretical foundation for making resource allocation decisions that balance available capabilities and perceived security risks in a principled manner. The conference focuses on analytical models based on game, information, communication, optimization, decision, and control theories that are applied to diverse security topics. At the same time, the connection between theoretical models and real world security problems are emphasized to establish the important feedback loop between theory and practice. Observing the scarcity of venues for researchers who try to develop a deeper theoretical understanding of the underlying incentive and resource allocation issues in security, GameSec will fill an important void and serve as a distinguished forum of highest standards for years to come. Conference Topics Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): Security games Security and risk management Mechanism design and incentives in security Decentralized security algorithms Security of networked systems Security of Web-based services and social networks Intrusion and anomaly detection Resource allocation for security Optimized response to malware Identity management Privacy and security Reputation and trust Infrastructure security Security and trust in safety critical systems Supply chain security management Evolution, biology, security and trust Virtualization and security Composite trust in man-machine systems Security in control and inference systems Security and trust in the future Internet Information security and watermarking Physical layer security in wireless networks Information theoretic aspects of security Adversarial machine learning Distributed learning for security Cross-layer security Usability and security Human behavior, security and trust Dynamic control of security systems Organizational aspects of risk management Cooperation and competition in security Composable security Security economics Health care IT security and privacy Statistical mechanics games and security Hardware-software co-design for security Multimedia security Security and trust metrics, measurements and standards and more... For more information about the conference, visit: http://www.gamesec-conf.org/

    3501 University Blvd E

    3501 University Blvd E · Hyattsville, Ma