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This group is here as a community resource for Board Gaming and related geek events in Northern Ireland.

If you organise board game events or are looking for people to join your campaign or games night, please contact us and we can help.

There is a guild on Board Game Geek, this can be found here:


This guild can help with game planning as it allows you to view the games which people who attend regularly have in their collections.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Keyforge Open Play night

Robins' Hobby Cafe


Regardless of whether you are a regular player or have never forged a key, we meet every Tuesday night from 7-10pm at Robins Hobby Café.

The Board Meeting

Queen's Cafe Bar

The Board Meeting is held every Wednesday from 5-10pm upstairs in Queens Cafe Bar, Belfast. Most people arrive around 6pm so don’t worry if when you arrive it’s really quiet. Make yourself comfortable, order some food and people will start to arrive. The Board Meeting do not own games, most people attending bring games with them & we encourage this and the sharing of those games. We welcome all kinds of gamers: - curious first-time gamers who have maybe heard about some of the incredible new games available to play; - experienced gamers looking for a regular group to join and make new friends; - visiting gamers, looking to get a fix while in town! The Board Meeting is free to attend, Queens Cafe Bar let us use the venue free of charge (We meet upstairs). 5 tips to ensure things run smoothly. 1. Please buy drinks and/or food. The space is kindly provided free of charge by the bar. It's a symbiotic relationship. They make their money from our drinks/food orders. 2. Respect the games. Other attendees are willing to provide the games. In return, we expect that the games are handled with care and returned to their boxes when a game is finished. Saying that, everyone has been great, Keep it up! 3. Respect each other. If you agree to play a game with someone, please see the game through to the end, unless all parties agree to quit. 4. We are here to play board games - please leave your digital games devices at home. Not because we don't like them, but.... Wednesday is all about tabletop gaming 5. Have fun. If you are not having fun, then there is something wrong. Please tell us.

Saturday Opening at LGC (Lisburn gaming club)

Weekly opening at LGC for gaming, RPG's, 40k, Board Games, Blood Bowl, X-Wing and much more weekly! Link is where the majority of people arrange games https://www.facebook.com/groups/1150474441639869/

Robin's Nest - Monday Night Gaming

Harland & Wolff Staff Club


Join us at Robin's Nest for the high point of your Monday! A fine selection of Monday night gaming with friends, old & new. DnD Board Games Keyforge Magic the Gathering and so much more Bring your own games, or play some of ours £3 No food served, but there is a bar on the premises. Doors open from 6pm

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Bored Game Tuesday

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